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March 19, 2015

Keegan Bradley


Q.  You put up a good number.  Are you satisfied with your play out here?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  One of the best rounds all year.  Lot of fairways and greens.  Made a few putts and just so happy to shoot a good number.

Q.  Is there any particular part in your bag or of your bag that you were leaning on a little bit more today in?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  I made some good putts from like four to five feet for pars early on.  Got especially -- and down on 1 and 2 and 11 for me.  Those were big.  So, I made all of my ones that I need to make to contend.

Q.  Final thing, I mentioned you had some success here.  What is it about Bay Hill that you like?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  Honestly, no idea.  I play in Florida.  I seem to really drive the ball well here which is the most important thing at Bay Hill.

Q.  Last 7, did that birdie at 3 get you going?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  Yeah.  I had left three putts right in the center short early in the round.  I was kind of bumming.  One went in and I made two more after that, good ones.  That was a big, big moment in the round for sure.

Q.  What do you think you've been right there here the last two years?  Why is this course so good for you?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  Honestly, I don't I don't know.  I just seem to play well here.  I can't put my finger on it.  You know, I drive the ball really well here and that's so important on this golf course and when you do drive the ball here you can attack some of the pins.

Q.  How important is it for you to get momentum going into the Masters.
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  It's just important.  I crave so much being in contention so sometimes when I've gone awhile without being in contention I tend to push and force it.  So just getting that kind of out of the way would be big for me.

Q.  How is the transition going with you for putter?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  It's been going great.  I haven't been putting great, haven't been putting bad.  Just kind of boring middle of the road.
But you know, I feel like I'm right there.  It's just for guys like me and Webb, every round that we play is so big for us because it's just another round under our belt that we haven't had.  This is new for all of us.

Q.  Do you feel yourself getting more comfortable?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  Every round I play, I feel more comfortable with my set-up, my routine.  You know, it is very awkward, very different so I've given up thousands of rounds, thousands of hours of practice to these guys out here.  I'm gaining some of those back.

Q.  Have you stuck with the same putter?

Q.  How did you find that settle on that one?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  It's my putter, my belly putter just cut down.  I get my eyes more over the ball than I normally do.  I just was starting to keep it as similar as possible, grip it the same spot, all that stuff.  Trying to keep it as similar as I can.

Q.  Will you play in the other two events or is this it for you up to the Masters?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  I play Houston.  I like to try to play the week before.

Q.  Just to get in the flow or --
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  Yeah.  It's just so big to go into Augusta playing and playing well because if you haven't played and you're a little bit rusty you're going to get eaten alive by Augusta.  Some players prefer not to play but for me it's important to play.

Q.  Speaking of rusty, Tiger, if he does play Augusta, he'll go in off a ten week break.  What kind challenge would that be to try to take on that course?
BRADLEY KEEGAN:  It's a big challenge but this Tiger Woods, he could go out and win.  For me, it would be a huge struggle.  Tiger is able to take long periods of time off and come back strong.  So, wouldn't surprise me if he comes back strong.

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