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March 17, 2015

Flavia Pennetta


F. PENNETTA/M. Sharapova
3‑6, 6‑3, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Big win for you.テつ How do you feel at this moment?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ I mean, I'm really happy about this win tonight.テつ It was a really good match.テつ I was fighting till the last point.テつ She played really good in the beginning.
In the second set I tried to be more aggressive, and my serve help me a lot.テつ I was really aggressive also on the return, so she's starting to have some problem with the serve.テつ I just use it all the time.
I don't know how many double faults she makes tonight, but I think few.

Q.テつ Were you crying in the first set there?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Yes, a little bit.

Q.テつ Was it just kind of a panic attack or...
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ No, no.テつ Panic attack, no. Just a lot of emotion in one night.テつ Sometimes woman have these moment, so I was trying to handle.テつ I just breathe and just let it pass, and in the end it was much better.

Q.テつ Can you explain that a little bit?テつ Because we were watching it and we saw you go off the court after the first set.

Q.テつ You broke down.テつ How did you ‑‑

Q.テつ How did you do that?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Sometimes you just need to take everything out.テつ I mean, in the court it's not easy to do that.テつ I was just trying to keep calm and playing every point.
But then when I finish the first set I was feeling, Okay, I have to go out, just ‑‑

Q.テつ Did you just go and cry?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Just go and let everything out, screaming, do something.テつ Refresh a little bit and try to get in the court and start again.

Q.テつ How willing are you to tell us what is making you so emotional?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Well, here I think it's really important for me, and tonight in the central court against Maria a lot of expectations.テつ It's coming, and in the beginning I was okay, because for the first two or three games I was okay.
Then it's coming.テつ Like I never expect.テつ I never do something like that.テつ It just was the first time.
I think I handled pretty good, because normally you go away and you don't want to stay on the court.テつ But for me was important to just keep calm and try to play.テつ In the end I just play really well.

Q.テつ Is everything okay in your life?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Si, si.テつ I'm really happy.

Q.テつ With that emotion and letting those emotions out, was there a sense of maybe you can see your title going, as well?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Well, of course tonight was really tough match.テつ I mean, I know from the first moment that was not easy to doing the same thing as last year, I mean.
But was not that winning or lose.テつ It was just ‑‑it's tough to explain because it's not easy to ‑‑also for me.テつ I mean, I didn't expect.テつ It's just coming in one point.テつ I think a lot of things coming in one night, and it's just coming out.テつ (Smiling).

Q.テつ You had beaten her the last few times you had played her, Maria.テつ So your thoughts of beating her again?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Last two times I beat her 2009 and 2011 I think, and every match we play I think was a third set.テつ Every match.テつ Also the two before I lost:テつ 2006 in Wimbledon and another one I don't remember ‑‑here.
It was always really tough and close match.テつ I think for sure, I mean, when you go on the court and you know you lose the last two times you think a little bit more.
I just try to play in the way I always play against her.テつ I mean, if you give her time you are dead, so you have to hit the ball, try to be aggressive the most you can, and try to go all the time for the good shot.
I mean, it's always the way I play, but sometimes when I play with not the big one I'm waiting a little bit more.テつ But with this kind of player you have to take the chance you have, because it's just coming once.テつ If you wait, they are back.

Q.テつ Last year after every match in the first round to the end you were up and happy, and today this is a big win.テつ You seem kind of subdued.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ No, no, I'm really ‑‑I mean, I'm happy about this win, but it just ‑‑I mean, in the court was something strange happen tonight.
I'm really positive because I win and I get through, but it's always like a little bit ‑‑I don't know where I am.テつ (Smiling.)

Q.テつ So you're emotional a lot, but I hear you may not play after this year.テつ Is that true?テつ What are your thoughts that way?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ You mean after this tournament?

Q.テつ No, this year.

Q.テつ This could be the last one.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ I think to stop so many times already in my career.テつ I mean, I always put like US Open like a moment where I have to decide what to do, if keep playing or not.テつ Because like you know I'm 33 already, so I have a really good career.
Of course I'm well.テつ I love to play.テつ But of course for sure there is a moment where I have to stop.テつ I don't know when, but it's coming.テつ And you feel it because it's close.テつ I mean, you are not 20 and you have so many time.テつ It just ‑‑you feel it's like almost there.テつ But I don't know when.テつ I cannot tell you when.

Q.テつ After three wins in a row against her, is there a single part of your game that kind of matches up and is the difference between you?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Between me and Maria?

Q.テつ Yeah.
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ I think I have the good backhand, and with her she play normally like the crosscourt really, really fast.テつ Most of the players don't take the first two or three shots with her.テつ For me, was easy.テつ I mean, my backhand is the good shot, the natural shot that I have.
So the game she play with me, it's a good game for me.テつ She don't give me like ‑‑she don't make a lot of pressure in the way she supposed to play.テつ But with the backhand, the crosscourt, for me, it's really easy to just stay there and play one more, one more, one more.
She always play really aggressive.テつ Tonight she make a lot of mistake because she was trying to find something more and more.

Q.テつ So after the first set you came back out.テつ Did you say, Okay, I'm not afraid now?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: テつYes, yeah.テつ I mean, just trying to play.テつ I mean, I love to play.テつ It's my life, and, you know, there is no chance to go away from the court and just let the other win because you're afraid of something.
It's better to stay on the court and try your best, and then if you lose or win, doesn't matter.テつ But just try.

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