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March 17, 2015

Heather Watson


7‑6, 3‑6, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Question, please.

Q.  Commiserations, but you put up a hell of a fight out there.
HEATHER WATSON:  Thanks.  Yeah, it was a definitely a battle.  A lot of long rallies.  I came with a game plan and tried to execute it as best I could.  I felt like I made a lot more errors today, but I felt like she made my make errors the way she played.
She plays with a lot of spin and a lot of balls in uncomfortable areas.  I just tried my best to be aggressive at the right times but to stay patient.
The third set I made a lot of loose errors.  I think my legs went a bit.  I wasn't moving as well.
But it was a very tight match, and I'm pleased with this week, how I've done.  The positive thing is I definitely had my opportunities today as well.  I've just got to use that and continue with my progress, and hopefully bring it into next week in Miami.

Q.  She's a woman who is on the verge of getting into the top 10 and you're toe to toe with her.  Must give you enormous confidence.
HEATHER WATSON:  I think her experience definitely showed in this match, particularly in the tiebreak in the first set, and also running away with the third.  She was very, very solid.  She knew that I was starting to spray some and she just stayed there.
So, yeah, she just played very well.

Q.  When you look forward Miami, do the conditions suit you better there than here?  Obviously the ball is not going to be bouncing six inches above your head all of the time.
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, here I have to change my game.  I've been working on being very aggressive, but here, with these types of courts that bounce very high, it doesn't make sense to play so much like that.
So that's why I was quite a bit more patient here.  I still didn't feel that I played my best tennis here this week, so the fact that I made it far, I was very pleased with that.  That's a big positive.
I've been training in Florida forever, so those courts, I grew up on those courts, so I know those a lot better than these.

Q.  So like going home.

Q.  What are your immediate plans between now and Miami?  First flight there or...
HEATHER WATSON:  No.  I will go back to Bradenton first.  Sleep in my own bed for a few nights, relax a bit.  In tournaments like these, because they're two weeks long, you're training before and playing every day as it goes.  I've been playing forever two weeks now.
So I'll have a travel day and then a day off and then be back to it on Thursday.  Or Friday.

Q.  Could you just tell us a little bit about Diego, what he does for you, why you two work so well together?
HEATHER WATSON:  I think Diego is a brilliant coach and brilliant for me.  He is very positive.  He tells me when I need to work hard as well.
I totally 100% respect him and what he says.  He's such a hard worker.  And when we discuss a match before, when we discuss the matches after, we're always on the same wavelength.
I just really enjoy my practices with him as well.  I feel like I'm improving as a player.  I think that's really important for me, is to really enjoy my practices.  Makes me love tennis; makes me look forward to it and want to learn.
I feel like he's the same way.

Q.  You're a very different player now than before you were working with him.  The change is very marked and remarkable.
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, before I was pretty much like a grinder, hustling, trying to get balls back, hoping for the mistake.
Now I feel like I'm more in control and I make it happen.  I really enjoy playing like that a lot more.  I look forward to my matches and going out there and playing and practicing.

Q.  What sort of bloke is he?  Good sense of humor?  Football fan?
HEATHER WATSON:  He's really funny.  Really funny.  When I first met him, you hire a knew coach and you don't really know each other and you go out to dinner and it's a bit awkward.
He was a bit quiet on the first, but he's so funny.  Really good personality.

Q.  So makes it fun as well as getting the job done?

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