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March 17, 2015

Kyle Collinsworth

Tyler Haws

Dave Rose


BYU - 90

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by the head coach of BYU Dave Rose and student-athletes Tyler Haws and Kyle Collinsworth. Coach, an opening statement.

COACH ROSE: Congratulations to Andy and his team. Wish them the best of luck as they move forward. I think that this game will sting for quite a while. Our guys showed a lot of fight. And it's obvious it's pretty similar to two years ago when we were here. It's a tale of two halves. And this year we had a terrific first half and then they got away in the second half. They were really active and we turned the ball over way too many times. And then offensive rebounds were a problem for us. But our guys continued to battle. We got the lead back again. I thought the thing would go right down to the wire. But missed a couple of stops. We couldn't get it in. We missed a couple of shots. They made a couple more plays than we did. Like I said, I wish them well and I feel for our guys, because we played well enough to win. We just couldn't finish it off.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes only.

Q. Tyler, talk about that first half, if you could, shooting-wise, you guys got off to a pretty hot start. How did you feel, you guys still dropped 90 points. Offensively, how did you feel offensively tonight?
TYLER HAWS: I think we did enough offensively to win the game. Kind of found our rhythm there in the first half and got it going and guys were sharing the ball so well. And it kind of got away from us in the second half. And you gotta give it to Ole Miss. They played really well, and we didn't really have an answer for them defensively and they just made plays in the second half.

Q. Tyler, Coach Kennedy was talking about they picked up tempo a little bit and could you sense what effect -- was that the ultimate effect with them creating so many turnovers?
TYLER HAWS: No, we had a problem taking care of the ball and that led to easy buckets on the other end and kind of turned them on a little bit. But our guys kept fighting and kept fighting right to the end. We just came up short.

Q. Kyle, could you sense a concerted effort by them to get it inside, though, to attack the rim in the second half, especially?
KYLE COLLINSWORTH: Yeah, with their guards in that zone, in the zone they try to get in the middle of the floor and shoot a jumper or throw an alley-oop to the big man. They were trying to get inside and shoot it or make a play.

Q. Kyle, you've had a record-breaking season. Could you talk about the season as a whole for you?
KYLE COLLINSWORTH: I haven't -- it's tough to think about that because tonight was a tough outing. So I obviously don't have a lot to talk about my season as an individual, because it's not the right time and it really hasn't set in. This loss is -- it's tough for our team.

Q. Kyle mentioned it's hard to talk about individual performances with something as heavy as this. But Tyler, going out with this, you've had a great career at BYU. Just kind of talk about your feelings with your last game coming into it and then having it end this way?
TYLER HAWS: You know, it hurts to end this way. I've loved every second of being at BYU and playing for Coach Rose. And I loved competing with these guys. I mean, this team's been through a lot this year. Went through a lot of ups and downs, and guys just hung in there and stuck together. But this one will sting for a long time. But it will be hard to take this jersey off one last time.

Q. Kyle, can you talk about maybe how the early fouls affected the defensive scheme of the game?
KYLE COLLINSWORTH: It's tough. You never know how they're going to call it. I've made plays like that this whole year and haven't got foul calls. It's just tough making that adjustment. You want to give it all your effort, make plays all the time, but sometimes the whistle just doesn't go your way. It was unfortunate it was tonight in such a big game.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you. Questions for Coach.

Q. Going into the half, you had to be on a little bit of a high. You have to be confident with a 17-point lead going into halftime. Do you think it was almost too lackadaisical coming out, or do you think it was something that Ole Miss did that shook you up?
COACH ROSE: Combination of both. I do believe that the traps in the second half, the first eight, ten minutes of the second half were a lot more aggressive. And their hands were really active and we broke that pressure in the first half and that first pass to the second pass, I think, was really aggressive on our part to the shot. And in the second half it was just maybe a step quicker on their part and a step slower on our part. But it felt way different. And in all the timeouts, the guys acknowledged it, let's turn it up. But they were really good. They were really good in the second half. And they got past us and got easy baskets to their big guys with our big guys stepping in to try to stop penetration. And I think in the long run it's probably the turnovers that were the big difference in this game. I mean, I think they scored quite a few points on turnovers. Maybe 20 plus. And that's just too hard to come back from on a good team. I mean, this is a really good basketball team that's got really talented offensive players and they shared pretty good. They had six guys in double figures. So I think there is, you go back and watch the film, but the feel of that second half was one where they were maybe a step quicker, a little bit more active than they were in the first half. A lot has to do with the fact that we were banging 3s and you get down a little bit on yourself when the other team's banging 3s on you. They got off to a good start. One thing Tyler mentioned is that it will be hard letting this team go because these guys, they're fighters, they're battlers. And they got the lead, Ole Miss got the lead. They didn't go away. We came back, got it back, and just couldn't finish it off.

Q. Would you talk about your defense as far as trying to decide play them man or zone and the problems it presented in the second half?
COACH ROSE: We played man in the first half mostly and we switched back and forth to zone. And Moody got loose a couple times, hit 3s in the corner. We tried to make adjustments to that. But then I think foul trouble is a real issue. You get guys with that third and fourth foul and we're just not as aggressive. And so we tried to go maybe a little deeper into our bench and that wasn't as successful as we needed to be. And so we went with our mainline guys who were playing with, most of them, three or four fouls. Sometimes maybe that makes you just a step slower. I don't know. I'll have to watch the film and see.

Q. Dave, you seemed to lose a little bit of aggressiveness offensively those first five minutes of the second half. Was that trying to take the air out of the ball because of the foul trouble or what?
COACH ROSE: No, I think a lot of it was Ole Miss defense. Like we talked about earlier, they were a step quicker. I don't know if we were passive offensively. But we weren't as confident with the ball to the guy who should deliver the shot or the play. Because when they trap, you're going to work that thing, work that thing and you're going to find the guy who is open because when they double team eventually someone's got to be open. And that guy has to kind of be the trigger guy to either make the offensive play for himself or to make an offensive play to share it and finish it. And that might have been a little bit less aggressive in the second half to start it and then I thought the last 10, 12 minutes were pretty back and forth. But I think turnovers, offensive rebounds, and then points in the paint, those numbers are huge. They're really big. And a lot of the points in the paint were just the fact we couldn't stay in front of them. They were just really quick. And we were afraid of contact at the point of attack for some reason.

Q. Obviously losing Tyler is going to be a hard one, you just hugged him a minute ago. What can you say about his career here at BYU and what he's done for this team and what he'll do going forward?
COACH ROSE: I've said this before about Tyler. But he is just kind of the perfect program guy at BYU. He's a great example of dedication and hard work and on the floor and off the floor he's a guy who is really just a selfless individual that will help anybody at any time. And I told him in the locker room that he's my guy. And whatever he needs from me he's got, because he's a special guy. And all four of those seniors, we're really going to miss them because they poured their heart and soul into this program. But it's interesting, because you say that, and we're really going to miss him. But it seems to be that way every year. When Brandon Davies left, we're really going to miss him and when Jimmer left and Lee Kennard left, these are guys that come and stay for four years, and they're special guys. And I've been fortunate to coach some really, really big-time people and big-time players.

Q. How does a game like this help you grow as a coach moving forward?
COACH ROSE: Well, you know, anytime you have a big lead and you let the big lead get away you learn so much about the game itself. And I knew our team would fight. I knew we'd fight to the end. It was just hard that once they got started, their athleticism and kind of their speed and strength became a real issue for us. And if we had to do it again, maybe we should have stayed with a more aggressive group for a few more minutes before we got back to the group that was in foul trouble. But you learn a lot. Watch this thing a lot. And trying to remember the feel, because when you watch the film, you know, the night after or a week later or whatever, you don't have the feel of the gym. But the feel of the gym tonight was that this thing was getting away from us and we needed somehow to control it and they were just too good in the second half.

THE MODERATOR: Coach, thank you.
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