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March 16, 2015

Jelena Jankovic


5‑7, 6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How big is this win for you at this point of the season?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Yeah, it's very big, especially I did not play a lot of matches since the beginning of the season.  You know, I'm coming back from an injury.  You know, my back injury.
Then I tore a muscle in Doha.
So I was able to recover very fast and did not really get a lot of practice in before this tournament.  So overall, you know, it's very big.  Especially Madison is such a tough player, is in form, and has done very well in Australia.  She is an up and coming player that is so tough to play against.
So very, very happy and pleased that I was able to stay strong and fight, you know, through this match and win.

Q.  Can you talk about the pace coming off of the racquet for Madison?  What is it like...
JELENA JANKOVIC:¬† I mean, it was like bombs or bullets constantly coming at me for about two‑and‑a‑half hours.¬† I mean, her ball is so strong.¬† It's such a heavy ball.¬† I think she's probably, I mean, maybe with Serena.¬† Probably the hardest hitting player out there in this moment.
I mean, she hits the ball at such a high pace.  It's unbelievable.  It was not easy.  I was trying to stay low.  I was trying to, you know, get those balls back as much as I could.  She did not give me a lot of rhythm.
I had a hard time playing my game.  I did not have a lot of time to set up or hit my shots at all, so I tried to serve well and hit, you know, a couple of shots and execute as much as I could.
My focus had to be really high, and I could not let down, especially the points are going so fast.  So overall, it was mentally tough, and physically, as well.
I'm really happy I got through this one.

Q.  How was it to have your mom back courtside?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  It was so cool.  It brings those great memories back.  You know, I have had some really, really good times, you know, with my mom.  She used to travel with me.  She was with me on tour for many, many years.
When I won in 2010 she was in the stands, so every time I looked up, I was kind of‑‑ you know, I kind of had that memory in there.
You know, her support means a lot to me.  It's nice to have her here.

Q.  Did she miss it, the time away?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  She's not going to travel, you know.  Because we have a house in SanDiego, so she was up there.  My brother came, as well.  I have two brothers and my mom with me.
So it's nice that they are all here.  I mean, I'm very close to my family, and I really appreciate their support.

Q.  Kind of a change of pace the next round against Bencic.  Can you talk about that, playing her, the change of pace and your thoughts?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  She plays a completely different game.  She places the ball and hits a lot of down the lines and kind of takes the ball early.  But it's completely different.
She makes a lot more balls than Madison.  Madison goes for a lot and she executes.  She goes for a really huge shots, winners, or she can make mistakes.  It's going to be a different match, a different style of play.
So hopefully I can recover well and be ready for tomorrow.  It's going to be a tough one, as well.

Q.  What were your memories of that match you guys had last year at the US Open?
JELENA JANKOVIC:¬† You know, I had my chances.¬† I think I was up 5‑3 in the first set and I think I got tired physically.¬† It was so humid and so hot out there, and somehow I let down, you know.¬† Physically I couldn't keep up.
So hopefully, you know, this match will be ‑‑every match is different match and conditions are different.¬† We will see.¬† Hopefully I can do it.

Q.  In Brisbane you sounded pretty pessimistic about your back and everything.  How are you feeling now?  Are you feeling back to good?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  I think I'm staying really positive and I'm just happy to be back on the court.  I think that's what matters.  I suffered, you know, with my back injury.
Then, you know, I tore that muscle against Kvitova.  That was disappointing, as well.
You know, but with good, positive attitude, I'm hanging there and trying to stay tough and get through, you know, these kind of time periods.
You know, once I get back on the court, which I did, I appreciate it a lot more.
So I'm enjoying my tennis, having a fun out there, fighting hard, and I cannot ask for more.  And I love this place.  I love playing in Indian Wells.  It's probably, if not my favorite tournament to play, you know, with Rome and a couple of other places.
So I really love it here.  I'm a California girl now.  (Laughter).  And I should, right?

Q.  In the second set it started to look like a lot of psychology out there.  It was very interesting to watch.  You slowed down the pace of play a lot.  You'd walk over to get the towel and walk back.  It was interesting to see what you were doing.  That kind of played a big factor, especially in the second and third set.  She was pumped up and ready to go.
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Yeah, but you would take your time too when those balls are coming at you.  What else am I supposed to do?

Q.  But also you did something I have never seen before.  You challenged the second point of the match.
JELENA JANKOVIC:  That was dumb from my side.  And I agree.  I used my challenges early on in that first set and then I had none.  I agree I can be really bad with my challenges sometimes.
You know, soon I will need, you know, my glasses.  But it's okay, you know.  It's part of the game.

Q.  Do you know that you have one of the lowest challenging success rates?
JELENA JANKOVIC:¬† I probably do.¬† And I agree with you guys.¬† I agree with the stats.¬† I'm not, you know ‑‑I'm not very accurate.¬† And sometimes I do it, you know, for the sake of it, and sometimes I just really want the ball to be in.
Doesn't matter if it's so out, I'm still like, Please, please, somehow...  But it's not happening.  (Laughter).

Q.  What makes you a California girl?  What's the most California thing about Jelena Jankovic?
JELENA JANKOVIC:  What do you mean?  I have a house right there.  Maybe I should get the Californian accent.

Q.  Can you do one?

Q.  Say dude a lot.
JELENA JANKOVIC:  Dude.  Like.  I was, like, you know.  (Laughter.)
Okay.  I mean, I don't surf.  I mean, not yet.  With those injuries I had, I mean, let me get my body place, you know, kind of complete so that I can do all these things.  I mean, I have a Californian tan.  I'm tan.  I don't know.  What do you want from me?

Q.  Do you complain about traffic a lot?

Q.  It's a big thing.

Q.  You can try doing that.

Q.  Moving away from the California stereotypes.  Going back to Madison, you mentioned her power, comparing it to Serena's power.  How does it rate with Petra's power?  How does that ball feel when you hit it?
JELENA JANKOVIC:¬† I mean, it's not fair to compare players.¬† I mean, they are hard‑hitting players, but, you know, I can just comment on Madison today.¬† I mean, she's a tough player to play against.¬† Does not give you rhythm.¬† She hits such a hard ball, you know.
One of the, you know, probably top three hard‑hitting players out there with Serena.¬† Probably, I mean, if not the hardest, the second.¬† I don't have the radar or something.¬† I have played all these players, and it's not easy, especially when she gets the ball deep.
It's so tough.  It's constantly coming like that.  Her serve, her groundstrokes.  So you have to really stay up there, you know, hang in there at the baseline and try to not get pushed, you know, with those balls and hold your ground and do it the best you can.
I mean, if she can execute and make all these balls in, then well done.  There is nothing you can do.  You know, she's going to make mistakes and she's going to have ups and downs.  So you wait for your chances.  That's what I did.

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