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March 15, 2015

Heather Watson


H. WATSON/A. Radwanska
6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Top 10 first win.  Does that make you feel happy, confident?  Big moment?
HEATHER WATSON:  I'm definitely happy that I won today.  I feel my tennis as the tournament has gone on has been getting better and better.  I knew I'd have to play extremely well today and be patient and pull the trigger at the right time.
I think I found that balance very well today.

Q.  What did you think when you lost your break?  She won four straight games.  You didn't panic obviously.
HEATHER WATSON:  No, I didn't.  The match was a little up and down, but I knew she was going to try and step up her game and play maybe more aggressive tennis or something different.  That's what she did.
So I just kept my head and just stuck to my own game plan.

Q.  You seemed to be nerveless out there.  What were you feeling inside?  Were you nervous?
HEATHER WATSON:  When I played Giorgi I had 5‑0 lead in the second set.  Yeah, when I was playing Giorgi I had a 5‑Love lead.  I was fine.
I wasn't nervous, anything, really.  It's hard to get good timing with her and maybe I missed one or two balls that could have, you know, changed that second set, but I didn't feel I did much wrong.
So I didn't feel ‑‑I didn't think anything coming into this match like...
So closing out this match, I just kept my head.  Serving it out, I just thought to myself, I'm just going to try the best I can, every single point ask that's all I can do.
It worked out for the better today.

Q.  I was surprised to hear this was your first win against a top 10 because you have always played well.  Was this something a long time coming?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, I have had a lot of close matches with top 10 players.  I have also been wiped off the court by Radwanska being the main one who's beat me very comfortably every time we've played.
So I was very pleased with today.  I knew I had the tennis in me, but I felt like I just needed the belief and play more the tennis rather than the player.

Q.  You played her last year‑‑ 
HEATHER WATSON:  Played her this year, as well.

Q.  ‑‑ and this year.  Anything you learned from last year's match and the one earlier this year that helped you today?
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah, I mean, I'm always trying to learn every time I play somebody, especially when I lose, so that I can change and adapt and get better for next time.
And I feel like playing her I have definitely gotten better playing her, but I just made massive step today.

Q.  So you've got one over on Radwanska.  Diego has now got one over on Martina.  Diego must be chuffed.
HEATHER WATSON:  Diego was very happy.  This is our second year together, so he's seen me lose to Radwanska twice already.  He was very pleased with not just how I played, but how I kept my focus and stuck to the game plan, the things that a coach would be happy with.

Q.  Is there something about Indian Wells and the desert that has, you know, provided you with more confidence?  Because you're kind of coming through the draw unexpectedly.
HEATHER WATSON:  Yeah.  Well, I have been here quite a few years now.  I think for the first three years I didn't win a match and I had it in my head, Oh, I didn't like Indian Wells.  Obviously I love the place.  It's like gorgeous.
But the tournament, I hadn't been playing my best tennis here.  And then last year something clicked and I won a few rounds.  Then this year I have won even more matches.
So I just hope it keeps getting better and better as each year goes on.

Q.  Is there something you point to as to what clicked?
HEATHER WATSON:  I don't know.  I don't know.  Maybe just the one win got me through and gave me a bit of confidence.
And Diego has been a big part of that, as well, because that was the year that I started with him.

Q.  How about your next round?  You have either Suarez Navarro or Anastasia.  Could you tell us a little bit about both opponents who you might play?
HEATHER WATSON:  I have played Suarez before, but I think that was a long time ago.  I think it was like my first year on tour.  I don't think I have played Anastasia before.
So, you know, we are all different players now.  Diego is already out there watching the match.  I will try and catch some of it.  I'm a player that thinks a lot, so I always have a game plan.  I don't always play a certain way.
I adapt my game to who I'm playing.  I make sure I do my homework the night before, and whoever it is it will be a tough match.

Q.  You seem very calm for having your first win against a top‑10 player.  Is that how you do feel inside?  Is this just another win for you, or do you feel like this is a major moment in your career?
HEATHER WATSON:  I'm obviously very happy to win today.  I was just as happy winning my first round and my second round.  I'm still in the tournament.  The job's not done, so I can't be on like Cloud 9 or anything.
I have just got to stay focus and focus on the next task at hand.

Q.  With a win like this, can you start entertaining the thought that this is a tournament that you can win?
HEATHER WATSON:  I just think of my next round.  I don't think past that.

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