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March 15, 2015

Sean O'Hair


PHIL STAMBAUGH:  Sean, just a wonderful afternoon of golf.  Three-way playoff.  You guys battled toe to toe.  You came up a little short but a good tournament.
Just a few general comments about the last day and then take us through the playoff.
SEAN O'HAIR:  Yeah.  It was a lot of fun.  I was looking forward to being in that situation come Sunday.  You know, I haven't been in that situation in quite sometime and to have those nerves again and be able to handle it in regulation the way I did -- I played fantastic on the back-9.  I think I shot 4-under on the back-9.
So, I gave myself a chance.  That's really all I can do.  You know, I played solid all day, played solid all week and, you know, then the playoff was a ton of fun.  You know, two young guys made me feel really old actually (laughter).
So, some guy walking down 16 after we hit our tee shot says, "You can beat these young guys."  You know, that really made me feel old and stuff.
It was a lot of fun.  I thought I made that putt on 16 and hit a really good putt there but just wasn't meant to be and it was nice to see Jordan make that putt.  Obviously he's a great kid and he's a great champion.
PHIL STAMBAUGH:  Okay.  Just real quick questions.

Q.  I guess that lip-out there was kind of emotionally draining because it looks like you're coming in here almost exhausted?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Not really.  I felt like I still had a good chance, to be quite honest with you.  I was hitting the ball -- I felt like I was hitting the ball better than both the guys and, you know, really felt confident coming in.
You know, I hit a really good tee shot in regulation on 17.  So, it kind of fit my shot.  I like to see a high cut there and I just kind of double-crossed it a bit but, you know, after, you know, after the whole thing and now that it's done, yeah, it's kind of like wow, it was a long week.
So, you know, the playoff kind of took sometime into my happy hour but that's okay (laughter).

Q.  You were saying I played really great this week and it seems like you finished today 6 shots better than when you won in 2008.  You must look back and say what else do I have to do to win here?
SEAN O'HAIR:  It's not always about winning, though to be quite honest with you.  You know, anybody -- that's kind of what I guess the two guys that I played with in the playoff, they haven't really experienced yet.
You know, this is my 11th year out here and, you know, I have 15th or 16th year being a professional golfer.  You have your good years and bad years.  The thing that you realize is that anybody teeing up come Thursday can win the golf tournament on the PGA TOUR.  You see it every week.
Padraig Harrington is a great example.  He hasn't been playing very well for quite sometime and his results going into the tournament weren't that extraordinary and he was able to get it done, and, you know, to me it's more about just playing well, you know, coming in and playing well on a difficult golf course and being able to deal with your emotions, deal with your nerves, deal with, you know, uncomfortable shots and I really was pleased with how I handled myself this week.

Q.  Can you just talk about where your confidence was coming into this tournament and where it is now and going forward?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Yeah.  This is my 10th event.  I've made 9 out of 10 cuts for this season and I've been kind of seeing some progress for awhile now.  You know, lot of my finishes aren't that impressive but I feel like I've kind of been getting into my own way, whether it be losing focus or kind of what I just talked about earlier, about dealing with your nerves, getting over a shot that you're not uncomfortable and you don't quite pull the shot off, double-cross a shot or something like that you didn't trust it, whatever it is.
You know, I've been playing well to be -- I feel like I should have at this point have about four Top-10s if not better.  That's how well I've been playing.
But like I said, just been getting into my own way and so I did have some confidence coming into this week and I really was happy with where my mind was and, you know, where my body is and how I was hitting the golf ball.
So, just move forward and take this on to next week.

Q.  Any sense of relief, kind a similar question, any sense of relief that this validates all the work you've put in even though you didn't win this week, you know you're working on right stiff?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Just feels good to -- I've been home for five days this year and I mean I've been working my tail off and, you know, losing your card the last two years have not been something that I've been proud of and it's been very stressful and, you know, that's a big reason why my family and I are moving down to Florida, just because I can't be the golfer I want to be and be the husband and father I want to be and be up North.
So, you know I told my wife this year, I really I'm going to make golf No. 1, you got to be for that and I'm not going to feel guilty about doing it.
She backed me up and so really been working my butt off and it's just really nice to see some results because like I said, it's been disappointing playing as well as I have and really not having very good finishes this season.

Q.  What part of the state have you be looking at?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Isleworth.  Windermere.

Q.  What was the atmosphere like today and how did it compare to the '08?
SEAN O'HAIR:  I had a lot more fun this year than I did in '08.  '08, I don't really remember, it was kind of a blur with the crowd.  I felt like this week I enjoyed myself more on the golf course.
I embraced the challenge, you know, and normally I would try and put myself in a cocoon and not really pay attention to anybody, you know, somebody said good shot or whatever I wouldn't hear them or wouldn't pay attention to them.
This week I just said I'm just going to have fun and enjoy being out there and I definitely tend to play better when I'm relaxed.  That was kind of my game plan this week is just go out there, go out there relaxed and have fun.  Playing myself into contention just made it that much more enjoyable.
PHIL STAMBAUGH:  Thank you very much.  Good luck next week.
SEAN O'HAIR:  Thank you.

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