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March 15, 2015

Tatyana McFadden

Manuela Schar

Ernst Van Dyk


THE MODERATOR:テつ So Manuela's made the course record by almost five minutes.テつ She was runner‑up at the 2014 New York City Marathon and Chicago Marathon.
Ernst, course record of 48:54.テつ He is also a ten‑time Boston Marathon winner.テつ And doing Boston this year, right?テつ Quick little turnaround.
If you wouldn't mind just talking about your race today and giving us the highlights.
MANUELA SCHAR:テつ Well, yeah, the first part in the park with the hills, all the hills, was pretty tough for me because I'm not the best climber and she's (Tatyana) a really good climber.テつ So my plan was to just stick with them as close as I could.テつ And then I knew, once we get out of the park into the flats, it would be easier for me.テつ Well, yes, I could gain some ground when we came to the flat.
TATYANA McFADDEN:テつ This was my first New York Half.テつ It was really exciting to be here, especially to open up the season.テつ It was my very first race of the season, fourth time outside.テつ So it was quite painful after training inside on rollers to finally be outside and to be able to hit the climbs, the downhills, the turns, the straightaways.
And also riding in a new chair.テつ I decided to play with different chairs getting ready for the Rio Paralympics and see which I like best, changes I need to make.テつ I think this was the perfect race for that for when I come back to New York City for the full marathon.
It was definitely fast today.テつ I knew I was going to have a lot of work catching up with Manuela on the down because that's where I lost them.テつ But it was absolutely a wonderful day.テつ The rain held off.テつ Great support.
ERNST VAN DYK:テつ Yeah, I expected quite a big race from Josh George, defending champ.テつ He was in Australia for about three or four months preparing and getting good form.テつ So I knew I wouldn't have the edge on him, in terms of coming from summer, because he was coming from Australia in summer and really strong.テつ And he really went for it on the hills.テつ He put a world of hurt on me.
But I was able to keep in touch, and then coming out of the park, opened a small gap on him and just bowled on that gap and held on to it until the end.
For me, this was a test leading up to the spring marathons, and I think I got mixed results from the test.テつ I think my climbing is good.テつ My endurance is not great.テつ I've got four weeks to work on that, and then we'll see by the next marathon how it turns out.

Q.テつ Boston's coming up.テつ Can you kind of go through what you learned today, what you'll change going forward, and maybe what you're looking forward to in April.
ERNST VAN DYK:テつ As I said, today was a good test for me.テつ I know my hills are okay, but my endurance isn't where I want it.テつ I struggled a bit on that long, straight piece of road in this race, and mentally it was tough.テつ I'll work on that.
It's four weeks to go until Boston.テつ We recover quickly, and I can do a lot of work in the next four weeks.テつ Going into Boston, going for win number 11.テつ We'll see how it works out.
TATYANA McFADDEN:テつ I think this was a perfect course to really have a good fast race because it was lots of turns.テつ That was kind of‑‑ can be exhausting.テつ Climbing, which was my favorite, I knew I was strong in that and dominant in that.
I will definitely have to work on my downhills and the straightaways, definitely pick up some more overspeed and to maintain a higher speed for a little bit longer time.
But it was absolutely the perfect course for it.テつ It was going to be quick, it was going to be hard, and it hits everything that we need to work on for the season.
MANUELA SCHAR:テつ I'm actually not going to Boston.テつ I decided to focus on London, which is also our World Championships Marathon this year.テつ So this was kind of preparation for a London marathon.
Looks like I'm on track, but I still have a lot of work to do till then.

Q.テつ For everybody, this race is really early.テつ You must have gone to bed really early and got up really early today.テつ Could you just talk about coping with a 7:00 a.m. start.
TATYANA McFADDEN:テつ It's a usual start for any marathon.テつ We're used to getting up quite early.テつ I was laying in bed by like 9:00 and just relaxing and getting ready to go to sleep.
But starting marathons in 2009, it was just something you get used to, getting up early and having a very specific routine to get ready for the marathon.
ERNST VAN DYK:テつ I arrived from South Africa on Friday.テつ So I'm pretty much still on South African time.テつ Getting up at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning was absolutely no problem.テつ My body was quite ready for the race.
I think we did about a 15K in the park before we even started.テつ It was nice to be out there at 6:00 and get going and get the blood working and the muscles warmed up for the cold race.テつ I'm coming from 100 to 110 degrees, summer.テつ It was quite a shock to the system, but I was ready for it.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you very much.テつ Congratulations to the three of you.テつ We'll see you again soon.

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