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March 14, 2015

Sean O'Hair


Q.  Lucas and I kind of looked at each over on that one.  I've never seen the pin there before.  Kind of wondering how I was going to make that putt.
But, yeah it was nice.  It was a trying day, you know.  The wind was tricky.  Felt like it was changing all over the place today and kind of swirling in the trees and just was one of those days where I felt like I was playing pretty well, hit a few good putts I thought should have gone in.  I didn't get frustrated.  Just kind of hung in there and fed off.

Q.  You always play well here seemingly.  It matches up well with your game?
SEAN O'HAIR:  You know what, I enjoy playing here.  It's one of my favorites that we play.  I don't always play well here.  You know, I think this golf course kind of shows if you got some weaknesses in your game, it kind of brings them out and last few years this golf course has been kind of a nemesis for me.  It's nice to play well at a course that I enjoy playing.

Q.  Do you feel the competitive juices are flowing again?  Do you call on past experiences, all the success you've had when you're in the situation you are now?
SEAN O'HAIR:  I've been here before.  You know, I had a pretty good junior career and I've had a lot of success early in my PGA TOUR career and this is my 11th year being out here.  I've done this a million times.  This isn't something new.
I just enjoy being in the hunt, you know, it's fun.  I enjoy being out there and it's fun getting over a shot and getting nervous and feeling like you're going to throw up all over yourself.
It's fun to be back in the hunt again.

Q.  You're right there tomorrow.  You got to be excited about that.
SEAN O'HAIR:  I am.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I'm not going to try to go over the round in my head a thousand times tonight.  I'm kind of taking it one shot at a time.  I'm just enjoying kind of the moment.

Q.  How pleased are you with finishing as a whole?
SEAN O'HAIR:  The finish was a lot better than yesterday, I can't really finish much better and like I was telling these guys, kind of a trying day, wind was all over the place and I had to be patient and it felt good to finish the way I wanted to.

Q.  You talked about the process over the last couple of years.  How rewarding is it to see it start paying off?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Yeah.  You know, I haven't been -- haven't had much the last couple years to be excited about.  It's nice to get in the hunt.  It's a lot of fun and I'm just -- to be honest with you I'm enjoying -- I think playing as bad as I have the last couple of years just kind of makes these times that much more fun.
I used to actually early in my career not enjoy these kind of situations just because I always felt uneasy and I've always played well under pressure but I never really kind of enjoyed it, embraced it.
This time I really feel like I'm having fun.

Q.  You won seven years ago.  How will that help you in the final round?
SEAN O'HAIR:  You know what, I think tomorrow is tomorrow.  Doesn't have anything based upon seven years ago or last year or yesterday or tomorrow or whatever, just Sunday is going to be Sunday and I'm going to have to hit the shots and I'm sure there's going to come a time where you're either going to have to pull it off or you don't.
My game plan for tomorrow is just to watch my attitude.  I just want to make sure I'm not taking it to seriously.  I want to go out there and enjoy myself, have fun, see shots and trust it.  Wherever the chips fall, that's where they fall.

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