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December 16, 1993

Sam Torrance


Q. Very hot?

SAM TORRANCE: Just a wee bit. Very hot, yeah.

Q. How hot? As hot as you have played in?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes. Nigeria, very similar and humidity and stickiness.

Q. Towels on the neck all day?

SAM TORRANCE: Everywhere.

Q. We gather you rather play in shorts?

SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, I wasn't the only one. Well, if you can see the way I looked when I came off that last green, reason you can't wear shorts because of the way you look; like, I mean, really, I am not going for the elegance prize this week, but, you know, I have to take my shirt out because I sweat so much around my middle that when I take the backswing, the shot sticks on my trousers and I can't get it back. I do not see why we can't really wear shorts. I pleaded with John this week. It makes it a bit cooler. I don't think it looks to bad; proper socks, tailored shorts.

Q. Can you wear long shorts?

SAM TORRANCE: I have got long shorts. I brought them. If I wanted long shorts, yeah I have got long shorts. I am so glad for them. I mean, carry that bag around those hills. Especially the front-line, a lot warmer than the back 9; up the hills pretty shaded than some of the tees; your hands are sweating so much.

Q. Have you weighed yourself this week? How much you are losing from the sweat?

SAM TORRANCE: No. I did put on a belt this morning and the last notch didn't fit. It was so big; I was very pleased.

Q. How many gloves did you get through?

SAM TORRANCE: Ripped 2 and went through 3 others. Ripped 2 pulled one. I -- specifically -- yesterday I had all 6 gloves all fitted perfectly, the first one for the first couple of holes went one on the third, couldn't get it on. Could not get it on. Then I ripped-- pulled it, just ripped the whole top off it. Actually I ended up using two gloves for the whole round. Only two I could get on.

Q. You said that other people offered similar sentiment that you should be wearing shorts?

SAM TORRANCE: If you look at the practice rounds, 80% of the players were wearing shorts because they were allowed to. They didn't look really horrific, did they? They were all wearing shorts. All the Americans were wearing shorts.

Q. We will ask him again for tomorrow.

SAM TORRANCE: He is not going to say yes, is he? Maybe you boys can get to him.

Q. Nothing has been said about --

SAM TORRANCE: He can find me. He can't find you.

Q. Nothing has been said about the shirt out?

SAM TORRANCE: No. Why? I have got to tuck in my shirt as well?

Q. Wouldn't surprise me.

SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, well, I am not gonna.

Q. Seriously clogs up the backswing?

SAM TORRANCE: My trousers for like six inches below the waistline up to here which were just saturated. The shirt is in there and when you take the backswing it just sticks. It doesn't slide. It just sticks. I mean it restricts your backswing. I had to pull it out.

Q. Are you a heavy sweater?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes, yes, sir. Yeah, I do perspire a lot. Yeah. Especially when I am working.

Q. Will you shave your beard off?

SAM TORRANCE: That is the most cooler thing I have got.

Q. Is it?

SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, a beard cools you. Absolutely. Top of your head doesn't get hot and sweaty because it is protected by the hair. It is one of the reasons why I grew it.

Q. Did you change shirts too after you hit this morning?


Q. So you wore the same shirt all day?


Q. I missed how many gloves you went through?

SAM TORRANCE: Well, I would have gone through 6 if I could have gotten them on, but I couldn't get them on. I went through two. I ripped one and -- two or three I went through. If they fit the comfortably I would use 6.

Q. What made the golf course so difficult?

SAM TORRANCE: When you miss a green, the rough around the greens is very tough and if you miss the fairway as well, you don't really get a consistent shot over. You get a lot of fliers. Judging the distance is difficult. And around the green not much consistency in the chips, very fluffy stuff.

Q. How many shirt size did you go down today started off at what, large or medium?


Q. Now, you can get on a small; is that right?

SAM TORRANCE: I don't know. I don't try.

End of FastScripts....

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