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March 13, 2015

Ricky Barnes


Q.テつ Ricky, the winds came up and became a very difficult golf course.
RICKY BARNES:テつ Yeah, actually well only one hole, made a bad double bogey.テつ Other than that I shoot probably 1-under pretty easily today.
Hit the ball, you know, good again, put a lot in the fairways.テつ Had some good looks.テつ Had a couple tap-ins for birdies and, you know, overall pretty good.テつ Conditions got tough the last 9 holes for us, lot of crosswinds and some tough holes playing tougher.

Q.テつ Double bogey was strange, came on the par 5 5th.テつ You had only one bogey in the tournament up to that point, that was with a 3-putt on 17 in the opening round.テつ Double bogey kind of cropped up.
RICKY BARNES:テつ Yeah, one bad shot and kind of had to play down another fairway.テつ Really had no other option.テつ If I had another option I probably would have chipped out, gone that way.
You know, like I said yesterday, if you only have one bogey around this course you're going to do okay.テつ I just had one bogey again today.テつ Got to eliminate the doubles.

Q.テつ Besides that double bogey still a solid round of golf in challenging conditions and you're going to be one of the leaders going off on Saturday.
RICKY BARNES:テつ Yeah.テつ I was just saying probably within three, four going into the weekend and that's a spot I haven't been in but I'm looking forward to competing this week.テつ I keep doing what I'm doing, I'll have a good chance.

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