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March 12, 2015

Ed Conroy

Jay Hook


TULANE  - 60

MODERATOR:  All right, good evening.  We've got the Tulane Green Wave in the house; Head Coach Ed Conroy, senior Jay Hook and junior Louis Dabney.  Coach, would you like to make an opening statement?
COACH CONROY:  First give credit to Houston.  I thought they made a lot of tough shots and moments where I thought we defended pretty well for a long part of the possession, and they stepped up and made shots and then when we put them on the free throw line a little bit too much late, but also credit our guys, I think you saw kind of the heart and resiliency they have, really led by these two right here, I have two seniors and one junior on the roster, and Tre Drye the one not being here and those three guys have been great leaders, and they wouldn't let us quit and gave us a chance to win the game at the end.  We just weren't able to get one more chance to go down, but credit Houston most of all, I thought they really came out and played with great energy and made a lot of shots but I thought both teams played really hard.

Q.  Coach, you're down by one and then Baker has that run again, he had the big game against you last time.  Must be a nightmare to see that guy.
COACH CONROY:  Yeah, I think he ended up with 20 in 12 minutes.

Q.  He had 12 straight.
COACH CONROY:  There was one play where we had two guys guarding him and they kind of split off and he still stepped up and hit a tough shot.  The one he got fouled on.  He just hit everything he put up.  He's been a tough matchup for us.  I think they present matchup problems for everybody and then when you throw him in the mix late in the game with fresh legs, it's really, really, really difficult and credit him for that's twice against us and we played him two out of the last three games where he's really stepped up and won it for them.

Q.  Also about the seniors and Louis, can you just talk about what they've meant the whole year?  You have a number of guys coming back next year but to lose Jay and Tre, you've got everybody else back.
COACH CONROY:  Yeah, our program, I don't know how familiar everybody is with it, but not only kind of unprecedented things, you don't normally go through a league change, and two years ago with the fifth-year rule and some other things where we were, we had a lot of turnover in our roster.  These three guys, Tre Drye, Jay Hook and Louis Dabney, they showed great loyalty and belief in what we were trying to build here and they're really invested.  I think that's why they maybe overachieved in some eyes, finishing 7th when they were picked 11th and had several other games that I think we could have won, but most of all, I think it showed up, their character showed up and their toughness in getting five road wins in this league, which is not an easy thing to do but most of the time it's just because they fought and hung in there and just kept willing themselves to be in position to get wins and tonight they did the same thing and I thought for sure we were going to pull it out and we just couldn't get that last basket to go to get in the press one more time.

Q.  Just a question for Jay.  What's it like for you, Jay, now knowing that this is the end of your career, possibly the end?
JAY HOOK:  I think the first step is appreciating everything that Coach has given me the opportunity to do, playing with these guys for a few years and, you know, going through what we've been through has been a great ride.  So the first step is appreciation and looking forward.  We're a program about next play and we have to take this as what it is.  Wish we had it back but we have to move on.
MODERATOR:  All right.  Thank you, gentlemen.

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