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March 12, 2015

Adam Scott


Q.  You started out pretty strong.  Seemed like back-9 may have given you a little bit of the trouble.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  Just limped my way, unfortunately.  I was playing nicely, fell asleep out there for about 30 minutes but, you know, I'm playing well, I got my work cut out for me the next three days.
I look forward to that challenge.

Q.  As difficult as these greens are and maybe switching putters, how does that play with your game now?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, obviously there's an adjustment, there's an adjustment week to week.  These greens are not as quick as what we were on last week and I was feeling very comfortable with that so it's a slight adjustment to the stroke, I guess but, you know, actually I'll figure it out here pretty quick.

Q.  You mentioned this course being one of your favorites in Florida.  What specifically do you like so much?
ADAM SCOTT:  Just simple good test of golf.  These days we're challenged so much, it gets a bit ridiculous at times.  This is just a good straightforward golf course where it asks you to drive it down the fairway and if you're off, off line here, you know, you got to deal with trees and -- you're given a shot.  It's challenging.  That brings out the creativity in players and I find that golf enjoyable.

Q.  They just announced this morning they're going to tear up this track and redo it.  What are kind of your thoughts on it?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I've heard the same and I think, you know, it probably is ready for some new grass out here.  There's some really great stuff available and will make it play really good in the future.  Hopefully they don't mess around with the design too much because I think we've got a really good golf course here and I'd be a little afraid to change too much out there.

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