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March 12, 2015

Ricky Barnes


RICKY BARNES:テつ Fighting for the back-9 just to make cuts.テつ Got off to a good start.テつ Once I got 2, 3-under, I was looking to go 4, 5.テつ Beside that 3-putt on the way in I hit it well, hit a lot of fairways, gave myself a lot of good looks.

Q.テつ What clicked during this rollercoaster year for you to start to be able to get out of the gates quickly?
RICKY BARNES:テつ My swing has been coming together.テつ I've been changing a lot and the transfer from the range to the golf course hasn't felt completely trustful.テつ It's been getting better and better.テつ I've thrown a lot of birdies.テつ My birdie count has been pretty good.テつ I've got to get rid -- one bogey a round out here is going to kill you.

Q.テつ Ricky, you stumbled out of the gate a couple times this year.テつ This must be really pleasing to put up a nice number here in the opening round.
RICKY BARNES:テつ I haven't been hitting it great this year.テつ Been doing some swing changes and the trust factor from the range to the course, it's always a process and, you know, my good stuff is good.
I'm making birdies and continued today with 6, 7 birdies out there but, like you said, when you get off to a bad start you're kind of behind the 8-ball early and you just need to keep doing what I'm doing.テつ If I get out and hit the ball like I did the rest of this week I'll do just fine.テつ My short game has been pretty good this year.

Q.テつ Seems like when the clouds showed up there was no wind at all and the greens were receptive.
RICKY BARNES:テつ They have been.テつ The course is actually pretty soft, even the fairways.テつ Like we said, we get receptive greens out here we're able to attack pins that you might usually not be able to out here.
Firm, fast greens out here and little soft.テつ Still good speed.テつ Like I said, you still have to attack from the fairway.テつ They're still tough, rough is thick and got to keep it in the short stuff.

Q.テつ Got a good number in the afternoon.テつ Get the fresh greens in the morning.
RICKY BARNES:テつ Kind of hit it on the head.テつ Get this weather again.テつ Once the cloud cover came in I'm sure birdies started to fall and I'll take 18 more holes just like that with what we just had.

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