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March 12, 2015

Shawn Stefani


Q.テつ Shawn, another really solid round of golf.テつ You like this golf course, don't you?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ For some reason it kind of fits my eye.テつ I like golf courses with trees that are lining the fairways and stuff.テつ It's just got a good feel to it.テつ You got the big oaks with the moss and stuff, just kind of, you know, gives me good vibes so I like it here and it's a nice to get off to a good.

Q.テつ Remind you of your days in Texas?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ Little bit.テつ We had a lot of pine trees.テつ Not too many oaks.テつ Spanish Oaks or something with the moss.テつ Kind of reminds me of the country and just fits my eye, like I said, really well so kind of puts me at peace a little bit.

Q.テつ Really good ball striking.テつ Obviously missed three fairways and hit 15 greens.
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ Yeah, kind of -- kind of different from what I've done the last few weeks.テつ I've been working really hard and, you know, kind of found a little something yesterday -- actually I found in it my hotel room last night, said go out there and trust it and see what happens and that's kind of the feeling that I've had the last year, get that back and hit it really well today and really happy about it.テつ See if we continue it all week.

Q.テつ Can we ask what you discovered or rather keep it to yourself?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ Nothing really complicated, trying to get the club in front of my body.テつ It has been stuck behind me a little bit which we mostly struggle with the club behind us.テつ Trying to get it back in front of me really helps.

Q.テつ You kind of quiet, already won a million dollars this year.
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ It's nice and all.テつ It's not really about winning the money, I guess it's about playing well and trying to move up in the world rankings and stuff like that.テつ You know, if we can just play well and keep doing what we're doing, I think everything else will kind of fall into place.

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