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July 22, 2004

Sam Torrance


Q. Good recovery after a bad start?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes I played really well. I was a bit unlucky at the first, just half a club light, hit a bank into a cavernous bunker. Thought I had hit a good bunker shot but it came back down to my feet. Good one out to four feet then and missed it. At the third I hit a lovely little eight iron just off the back edge and chipped up to eight feet and missed it and then had to work. Birdie at nine was a drive and three wood just short, chipped up to eight feet and holed it, wedge to 15 feet and the 11th and seven iron to 15 feet at the 16th. Played nicely, drove well, it was a bad start but it was nice that I came back from it. I could have gone for 76 or 77 and been out of the tournament but I am still there.

Q. That 14th is some hole?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes, I hit a great shot in there, 3-iron and that was the absolute limit. It is constant the wind but very fair. It is a fantastic golf course and very fairly set up.

Q. You are amongst a lot of players who have never played here before.

SAM TORRANCE: Yes, Des was saying he only played it once before he came here and that was a few weeks ago. But we have never had a tournament here that we could play in and you will find that tournament players, that is all the courses that they play, apart from the ones around their home.

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