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March 12, 2015

Marshall Guilmette

Jeff Lebo

B.J. Tyson


UCF - 80

MODERATOR:  All right, welcome to the first press conference of the 2015 American Athletic Conference Basketball Championship.  Our first game was an exciting one with an extra frame.  We have Head Coach Jeff Lebo, B.J. Tyson and Marshall Guilmette.
Coach how about an opening statement?
COACH LEBO:  Well it was a heck of a basketball game to open the tournament.  Good offensive game, a lot of points and we had a great start to the game, up 17, and give Central Florida a lot of credit, they really battled hard and battled back, and I give my team a lot of credit in the overtime when a team comes back like that and ties the game, a lot of times in those overtimes they mentally have an advantage and physically have an advantage, and we had -- showed some toughness coming down the stretch and made some key plays.  It's exciting to be able to play another day.  It's our first American tournament victory and I know our guys are excited to get a chance to play again tomorrow against a terrific team.
MODERATOR:  Thank you.  Question from the floor?

Q.  For the first half when Tejada coming off the bench, had a great first half, how important was it to have Antonio out there as your senior guard out there in the second half.
COACH LEBO:  It was important for us defensively.  I thought Lance was terrific.  He's a freshman that's been up and down, his first tournament in this stage and he comes in, has eight assists in this game and really calmed us down when we had two fouls from Antonio.  You like to have your senior out there at the end of the game, the guy's been through the wars, but really credit Lance really in that first half for giving us a big boost.  Our bench was terrific.  Terry Whisnant didn't have a great game by any stretch and Caleb White struggled.  Our bench was really the big difference, especially our backcourt, they were terrific.

Q.  Mike and Marshall got in foul trouble late.  What did the other guys do to kind of neutralize those big bodies for UCF towards the end?
COACH LEBO:  I don't know if we neutralized them.  There are some big bodies.  McBride was terrific.  When he catches it in there, it's hard to get around him.  When he catches it in there, he has great hands and skills, but we had a lot of fouls on him in there.  I thought that Nzege got around him.  When we played at the five, we had a key steal late in the game where we got around him and Paris came up from the back side and got a key stop in there.  But he's a load in there.  And they shot it well from 3.  They've been struggling, shooting the ball from 3 and they made 9 of 22.  Their penetration hurt us from the guard spots also.  They got off the ball screens a little bit and got into the painted area, but they made some -- we couldn't stop them the second half.  They shot 61 percent the second half.  So give them credit.  They're an offensive team that when they get going on a roll, they're hard to stop.

Q.  For BG, as a freshman could you talk about your nerves coming into this game on this stage?
B.J. TYSON:  Well, I was just excited to be here because it's my first time playing in American Conference or any like college basketball tournament.  I was excited.  I really wasn't nervous.  You know, just like we took it the next as a new game so I just came in with the same mentality that I always had all year and I just play.

Q.  For Marshall, a few victories there and you started to shoot well towards the end of the year.  Talk about the development of your game and when you want to pick your shots?
MARSHALL GUILMETTE:  Yeah, well, developing the shot takes a lot of work, a lot of times, there's no way around that.  Picking my times, I want to help displace the floor, we have great shooters on our team like Terry and Caleb, so I'm not looking to get ten 3s up a game but when I get an open look, I think its something that helps opens up our offense.
MODERATOR:  Anyone else?  All right.  Gentlemen, have a great night, see you tomorrow.

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