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October 5, 2004

Sam Torrance

Daniel Torrance


SCOTT CROCKETT: Sam, Daniel, thanks very much for coming in. A good year, a memorable year for you both last year winning the event. Maybe if you could start with that many, Sam. I know you all like to win here, it must have been a special one for you.

SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, it was special. Just to play with Daniel in the event was special enough, but to win it was quite incredible really. The last day, coming down last nine holes, seeing the scoreboard knowing we were leading, it was great.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Daniel, your memories of last year?

DANIEL TORRANCE: It was great. Coming into the week it was just great to be playing, and to win just was so unexpected.

SAM TORRANCE: Did you say expected?


SCOTT CROCKETT: More pressure on you as defending champions this year?

SAM TORRANCE: No, not at all, we've done it. We've done it. We can lose it this year but we still won it. Last year if we had not won, it would be more pressure.

No it will be great to defend. He was looking for a better partner, which I don't blame him, but he's stuck with me.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Questions for the defending champions?

DANIEL TORRANCE: Yeah, I go out with him quite likely. I'm a full-time amateur at the moment, just playing, practicing every day. I'm going to play in all of the tournaments on the Amateur circuit next year.

Q. What do you play off now?


SAM TORRANCE: One. The reason there was a hesitation there is he's 2 at Sunningdale, but he's 1 at Wentworth. He shot under par there, so he's 1. Well, 2 and 1, both get one shot, so it doesn't matter.

Q. How does it feel to be playing the Old Course?

SAM TORRANCE: It's great. Delighted to be home playing here again, yeah.

Q. You won quickly as a senior?

SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, second week was nice at Wentworth.

Q. What's your schedule?

SAM TORRANCE: Yeah, I'm playing the Madrid Open. I'll play at least 12 to 15 event on this tour, and six events on the Senior Tour.

Q. Were you concerned that your father might miss the tournament playing in America -- any chance you had someone else lined up??

DANIEL TORRANCE: Well, when I heard he was out there playing, I was on the phone trying to get a hold of Ernie but couldn't get a hold of him.

No, I didn't think he was going to miss it, even if he was in America.

I didn�t want to play with Ernie!! (Laughter.)

Q. What was the thinking behind your schedule?

SAM TORRANCE: No, no, not at all. My thinking was when I hit 50 I would try to go to America, but I did and I didn't really like it. So I'm back here. I'm still exempt on the main tour so, I'll play the courses I like, and weak fields. (Laughing). I played nicely at Woburn. Yeah, it was all right.

Q. Are you looking forward to playing against Daniel with hickory clubs?

SAM TORRANCE: Well, why can't it be long clubs what chance have I got with hickories? I'll need two shots a hole. He'll outdrive me. (Laughing).

SCOTT CROCKETT: Thank you very much and good luck this week.

End of FastScripts.

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