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March 12, 2015

Mike Gesell

Fran McCaffery

Aaron White


Penn State – 67
Iowa - 58

Q.  What do you attribute your troubles with scoring throughout the game?  Was it more of something you guys did or was it something they did on defense?
AARON WHITE:  Yeah, I think they played good defense.  But I'd also say we were a little stagnant on offense, not moving like we usually do, not screening, cutting with a purpose to score.  You have to attribute them for some good defense but also take credit as a team that we didn't play like we usually do.

Q.  Mike, you guys only hit three shots as guards.  From your perspective, what was the reasoning for that today?
MIKE GESELL:  They were getting in us.  They were being aggressive, and you know, as guards you can't always force it, you've got to look to guys other guys open, too.  Just because we only made two or three shots, it doesn't really mean much in my opinion.  We were looking to get guys open and looking for scoring opportunities when they happened.  They really had a stacked defense, and sometimes it's hard to get shots against that as a guard.

Q.  Aaron, what's making Penn State such a tough team to go up against there in the last few days and today for you guys specifically?
AARON WHITE:  Yeah, they always play hard.  All 18 games of the Big Ten season, you know it's going to be a fight from there.  I think D.J. is playing well right now.  They've got some other guys stepping up for them.  When you have a team that plays that hard and that aggressive, once they start hitting shots, they're a pretty good team.  You've got to credit D.J.; he's having a good Big Ten Tournament so far.  We kind of let him get away from us there in the second half.

Q.  You guys shot 26 percent for the game, and I'm just wondering was it more of their defense or was it just one of those days where you couldn't put it in the basket?
MIKE GESELL:  I'd say it's a little bit of both.  You know, every game is a little bit different, and the flow of this game was really defensive oriented.  Penn State is a team that's really going to get in your space, try to mug you off ball screens, try to get you out of rhythm.  That was just the flow of the game.  And also we weren't shooting as well as usual, but I think I attribute a little bit of both.
AARON WHITE:  I'd say it's both, but at the same time we give up 48 points in the second half.  That's more where we lost the game rather than the shooting percentage.

Q.  Aaron touched on it a little bit but going from 19 points in one half to 48 points in the second half, what changed defensively for you guys?
COACH MCCAFFERY:  Well, nothing strategically.  They shot it well.  We made some mistakes, I think.  They took advantage of those mistakes.  But they made some shots at a critical juncture in the game, which changed a lot.

Q.  The technical foul, what did you see‑‑
COACH MCCAFFERY:  I can't talk about the technical foul.  You should know that.

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