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July 21, 2005

Sam Torrance


Q. How hard was the wind out there?

SAM TORRANCE: Brutal. It was all left to right and right to left, downwind and into the wind, but it was a great test of golf. It was tough, a good testing day in Scotland - it will be really tough when the wind gets up though!!!

Q. Given the conditions and the other scores, are you fairly happy?

SAM TORRANCE: No not at all. You can't be happy with six over. Two over or one over would have been a good score but six over is not very good.

Q. How is your back?

SAM TORRANCE: It is okay, a bit stiff but not bad.

Q. What score might win this tournament?

SAM TORRANCE: It is impossible to say. If the wind stays like this for the rest of the tournament, four over par might win.

Q. Not a good day for the long putter either?

SAM TORRANCE: No it is murder for the long putter. You have no confidence with it when you take it back it wafts about three inches, all over the shop. But there is nothing you do, it is there and it is the same for everyone.

Q. You said your back was a bit stiff?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes it is but it is going to be like that for a few days I think. It wasn't too bad this morning, it is only sore really when I walk and bend down - maybe I'll get a buggy tomorrow!!

Q. Presumably there was no let-up out there?

SAM TORRANCE: Maybe 12, 13, 14 it is down off the right so it is little easier but then you can't stop the ball and it bounces straight right, it is just testing conditions. The breeze has definitely gone down now from the front nine, I mean the front nine was unbelievable - I hit two woods at nine and was still 20 yards short of the green and the tee was up 20 yards. But it is seaside golf, that's what happens.

Q. You are not out of it though?

SAM TORRANCE: No, no, 77 is definitely not out of it by any manner of means.

Q. Loren played nicely today?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes he did, very steady, holed some great putts and played nicely

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