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September 29, 2005

Sam Torrance


Q. Well played Sam, a great start for you?

SAM TORRANCE: Thanks very much, yes I'm delighted with that, played beautifully, hit everything beautifully. I got a wee bit unlucky on the ninth, hit a beautiful drive and just hit the very top of the back of the last bunker, back in, splashed out and three putted for bogey. Same at the 11th, hit a beautiful six iron right at the flag and hit the very top of the bunker and fell back in. That was my only two bogeys of the day, missed a couple of five footers but I holed a couple as well, pretty solid all day so it was okay.

Q. That was testing enough out there?

SAM TORRANCE: Oh yes, it was blowing a hoolie at times.

Q. You are in a fairly rich vein of form?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes I'm playing nicely. It is down to just hard work and swinging well, the swing has been good for a while and once you've got it in the slot, you're comfortable and you're not scared of any shots, nothing scares you, and it is nice to be playing well. Competing on the Seniors Tour has helped as well and winning is obviously a confidence booster.

Q. It is being in the thick of competition on the final day again isn't it?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes, it gives you a buzz. I've done that all my life and it is nice to be able to go out and do it again. It is nice to come out and do it here as well mind you.

Q. How did the next generation do?

SAM TORRANCE: He wasn't great today. He made a lovely eagle at the par five, with a shot mind you, but he will be all right tomorrow. He wasn't on the top of his game today.

Q. You are still in with a chance of winning the Seniors Tour Order of Merit too?

SAM TORRANCE: Yes I am, I am five grand behind him (Carl Mason) but it depends on what he does this week. Obviously if he wins I'll have to win the last two tournaments but that's possible. There is only two more tournaments to go this year after this week, obviously I wasn't going to miss this week with the boy.

Q. Is it possible to be still growing up as a golfer even as a senior?

SAM TORRANCE: Oh yes, you are always learning, because you're still that stupid! One thing I have now is that my confidence is high, that's changed. When I went onto the Seniors Tour I was a tad negative, I was never sure whether I could still do it or not because it had been three years since I had really played because of the captaincy and stuff. But I have played well on the Seniors Tour and that gives you confidence, it is only golf after all.

Q. Do you then come with a different attitude to a regular Tour event now?

SAM TORRANCE: Well you get excited, it is not routine any more, it is like a wee special occasion!

Q. What did you come here to do?

SAM TORRANCE: I came here to win. I have huge aspirations for this week because I am playing well. I'm not crippled yet! I really want to do well.

Q. But there have been occasions when you came here because you wanted to do well for Daniel?

SAM TORRANCE: Well, of course that is what I wanted to do but inside myself I know I am playing well this year and that means there is a possibility of a good finish.

Q. Matching trousers every day?

SAM TORRANCE: Well not quite every day. We got five pairs each and he picked them so I was hoping to be wearing waterproofs today! This is the quietest of the pairs! (Yellow and black checks) These are almost bland compared to the others!

Q. What do you want Daniel to take from this event?

SAM TORRANCE: To let him enjoy it and let him see how much fun it can be out here.

End of FastScripts.

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