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March 11, 2015

Marcus Bartley

Mike Crawford

Jim Crews



COACH JIM CREWS:テつ Well, I thought these guys, our guys, did a good job of preparing for the last three days.テつ We had three good days and two good days of practice.テつ We didn't practice Sunday but three really good days and I thought they competed really hard.テつ Thought we executed well offensively.テつ We handled the ball well.
I thought we got good looks.テつ We knocked some good looks in and we had quite a few that went in and out.テつ Inside was problematic at times.テつ We didn't quite use the angles or make the extra pass and we were able to get some blocks from that standpoint.テつ You know, these two guys did an exceptionally good job, I thought tonight both defensively and offensively, and that was good.
So due cane, give them credit, they got on top and we couldn't quite stop them.テつ I know the first time possessions in the second half, got 13 points and five for five out of 13 points and that got us off to a rocky start.テつ Our guys hung in there but just couldn't quite get over the hump at the end the last couple minutes.

Q.テつ Obviously it was a tight game.テつ What did you feel it came down to at the end?
MARCUS BARTLEY:テつ We just didn't get the right stops when we needed to and that just goes along with executing what Coach wants us to do and we just missed open shots.テつ So just got to come back stronger next year.
MIKE CRAWFORD:テつ Yeah, we just didn't execute on defense, and at the end, and shots just didn't fall.

Q.テつ Where do you draw hope for the future?
MARCUS BARTLEY:テつ It's been a tough season.テつ We didn't have the season that we wanted to have but we are just going to learn from it, we are going to, would harder and we are definitely going to come back really strong next year and we are going to always have this feeling in the back of our minds whenever we are working out this summer.テつ So we are going to be hungry.
MIKE CRAWFORD:テつ Yeah, pretty much just reiterate what he said.テつ We are going to come back.テつ This year wasn't the best and wasn't what we wanted this year but we are going to come back next year, work all summer, work all spring and compete a lot better next year.

Q.テつ Inside strike a big factor; was that the overriding factor?
COACH JIM CREWS:テつ Probably was.テつ I thought that we got the ball in there deep, and Lewis in particular, did a great job of‑‑ good timing and well disciplined with it.テつ You have to get angles on him; or use a shot fake and he goes for that, that's great; and if he doesn't go for it you have to make an extra pass and you can't just go in there and try to shoot over a guy with that length.テつ We did that too often.

Q.テつ Talk about the energy leading up to this game, players talking to each other more out on the court.テつ Did you see that more this game than the past two?
COACH JIM CREWS:テつ Yeah, I think we've grown in that.テつ We have some guys, it's interesting, we have got some quiet guys.テつ But also at the same token, as I've told them, if they were around the dinner table or we are in the bus, they are pretty engaging and pretty lively and high‑energy personalities.
On the court, we are not like that in terms of communicating, like you said.テつ I think they have grown a little bit and gotten a little bit better.テつ I think Davell Roby has done a good job in the early stage of being a leader.テつ He wants to be a leader and try to be a leader, and is making the extra effort to do so, so that's been encouraging.

Q.テつ Is there hope in that, and is that part of the problem in a way, that you are dealing with as a team?
COACH JIM CREWS:テつ Well, we had a lot of freshmen.テつ We had a lot of sophomores and guys who are juniors, seniors, have not played, so everyone on our team was inexperienced.テつ When you have that, there's a lot of different issues that you're dealing with constantly throughout.
First, everyone is competitive and they want to play and they are just trying to‑‑ I don't want to use the word "survive," but they are trying to get through it and manage.テつ And when you do that, sometimes you lose a scope of the team.テつ And that's just a little bit of human nature, not that they are selfish, but they are just trying to figure it out themselves.
And so at the same time, most situations, when the guys are trying to figure it out, they can look to the left or right and there's someone that does have it figured out.テつ And then we don't have that, because just the situation, that's just how it is.テつ It's not a negative.テつ It's just what it is.

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