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March 11, 2015

Jim Ferry

Jeremiah Jones

Micah Mason



COACH JIM FERRY:  I thought that was just a really intense, physical A‑10 battle.  That's what it was.  I thought they really came after us defensively.  Both teams guarded really well and grinded out.  I'm really proud of our guys.  I thought our guys really stayed true to who we are and what we are going to do.  Defended really well, rebounded when we needed it and played really unselfishly.  I thought it was a great win for our program.

Q.  You came out of the locker room, hit two threes and you were part of two back‑to‑back threes, then you hit a couple.  What's going through your mind coming out of the locker room?
MICAH MASON:  Just to stay aggressive.  Make sure I have confidence in my next shot and that's just the main thing.  My teammates had me in good spots tonight and I knocked them down.

Q.  In the second half when there's that play when the pass to you was over your head and you kind of saved it behind your back, and there was another pass saving from going into the backcourt, was that a big spark at that point?
MICAH MASON:  Yeah, I thought it was over my head for a second.  We just had to make big plays like that if we wanted to win this game.  Saint Louis came out and it was a war from start to finish, and we're just glad we came out on top tonight.

Q.  Both of you played 40 minutes full game, how do you recover going into tomorrow?
JEREMIAH JONES:  We've just got to go back to the hotel and get some rest.  Our trainers will take care of us.  Our coaches will make sure we do a good job staying off our feet.  This isn't the first game we've played this amount of minutes, although we haven't played many back‑to‑back‑‑ well, not any back‑to‑backs.  We'll get some rest and we'll be ready to go tomorrow.
COACH JIM FERRY:  Come on, you're 21 years old.

Q.  What's it like, Derrick scores ten points in the last ten minutes.  What's it like when he gets going?
JEREMIAH JONES:  Oh, man, well, he's a great player, and he got off to a slow start.  But, you know, with him, it's only a matter of time before he gets going.  We really needed that spark to help us win.
MICAH MASON:  I think he covered it pretty well.

Q.  Was this game kind of a continuation of the two games you played against them in the regular season?
COACH JIM FERRY:  I tell you what, this was significantly more physical than the prior two games.  When you look at statistics, it was almost the same score at their place as it was at our place.  It was, you know, same amount of baskets, rebounds.
So I knew it was going to be tough just the way we matchup with each other.  I think Jim is one of the best coaches in the country, and I knew he was going to have those guys ready to defend, and they really did.  This game was just significantly more physical.
It wasn't the same because they got up double digits on us at their place; we got double digits on them at our place.  It was really difficult and kind of nip and tuck the whole way here.

Q.  In the first half, the team shot 1‑from‑9 from the three.  When you saw the long‑range shot wasn't falling, the team was running fast breaka lot, pushing the ball; was that a concerted effort?
COACH JIM FERRY:  That's what we do.  We play at a high tempo.  I think we are the second‑fastest team in the conference next to Davidson.  We play at a high tempo.  We wanted to get out in conversion and we wanted to challenge them.
We are also the second‑best three‑point shooting team in the conference.  When we started 1‑for‑9, I thought the guys got a little bit tight.  But just told them, relax and just play, and they did a great job of it.  I thought they really responded, both Micah and D.C. and Jeremiah.

Q.  You've won two in a row away from home now.  How does it feel?
COACH JIM FERRY:  I'll take them anywhere.  You win them, doesn't matter.  This was a neutral site.  I always look at neutral sites significantly different than away games.  This time of year we could be playing at Tillery Street Park right now.  It really doesn't matter.

Q.  You talked about your team finding itself quite a bit this year.  There were a couple sequences there where you have a great defensive stand and turn it over.  Is it gut‑wrenching to think how close you are to really putting that game away?
COACH JIM FERRY:  Yeah, but it's still the experience of being on a big stage.  I thought we played fast, we were trying to push it, kind of threw the ball away.  And let's credit them defensively.  They are an outstanding defensive team and that plays into some turnovers, as well.

Q.  What are your thoughts on playing GW tomorrow to split the season series?
COACH JIM FERRY:  I think it's going to be just like this.  I think it's going to be a physical battle.  Mike does a great job with that team.  They are big, they are physical.  The thing about GW is they know who they are and they don't vary from what they do.  They try to pound you on the inside.
Joe McDonald is a great point guard.  That's a really good team with a lot of experience.  Having gone to the NCAA Tournament last year, I think it's going to be just like this.  I think it's going to be a battle.  I'm going to get these guys back to the hotel, got to get them fed and rested up and get them refocused for what's the next task at hand.

Q.  What did the seven blocks by Lewis mean?
COACH JIM FERRY:  It was shoot, literally, he would shoot.  I thought it was great.  He gave us such a presence on the back line of our zone that allowed us to guard more aggressively.  So when anyone went to the basket, they were things being challenged around that.  I thought he was tremendous today.

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