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March 11, 2015

Brad Brownell

Rod Hall



COACH BROWNELL:  Just didn't play well enough to win today.  Thought we played pretty well in the first half, and missed some shots at the rim that you need to make.  Obviously their size was a factor.  Just disappointed with the way we played in the second half.  I thought we didn't play very well, and I didn't think our competitive spirit was where it needed to be.
Certainly proud of the way our guys at the end fought.  We played great at the end in the last four minutes when our backs were against the wall, and I had two chances to tie.  Just a little bit unlucky.  But give Florida State credit.  They outplayed us today.

Q.  Obviously, too little too late there at the end, but what you guys did especially on the inbounds it was clear that that's something you all had worked on and you got what you wanted to out of that, correct?
COACH BROWNELL:  Yeah, we got a good look.  Everybody knows you need three.  It's hard to get a great three, and we had two looks there.  Grantham found Gabe DeVoe off a little screening action, and it was a deep shot, but he can make those, and it just didn't go in.

Q.  What do you think was the difference?  Why do you think your guys responded the way they did late and didn't have that kind of energy earlier in the game?
COACH BROWNELL:  I think it's just normal, to be honest with you.  I think in the last four minutes of a game when you're up 12 or 15, and the other team is pressing, it's hard not to get a little tight, especially in a tournament.  When your back's against the wall, you just kind of let go and it doesn't matter.  So you can shoot freer.  Guys just attack more.  I think it happens in more tournament basketball than people realize.
It's hard to hold on to a double‑figure lead late.  If one or two things go against you early in that situation and the other team builds any momentum, it's tough.  Our guys did a good job of fighting.  We were active, aggressive.  We trapped some.  We fouled appropriately to get some of the shooters we wanted shooting.  Rod did a great job of being in attack mode in those late minutes and making plays for himself and others.

Q.  You had talked about Rathan‑Mayes many times this season, and your worst fear in this game is he would go off the way he did today.
COACH BROWNELL:  He's a good player.  Rod has done a great job on him the other two games that we played him.  Tonight he made threes, which he doesn't always do.  When he makes threes, it makes it doubly tough.  Some of those are guarded shots, but he's a super player.  He made five today, I think, and that's just entirely too many.  He's done that against a bun of teams in our league, and I guess it was our turn today.

Q.  Rod, you had that lay‑up there that just didn't fall.  It was a two‑point game and you had a chance there.  Just how emotional was that not to see that go down and know this is your last ACC game?
ROD HALL:  It was very tough for me.  I wanted to put my team in a good position to win this game.  But I mean, the ball rolled the opposite way I wanted it to.  It just didn't fall.

Q.  Changing gears a little bit.  The NABC and the NBA have proposed a new proposal for an invitational‑only combine for underclassmen and moving the day of the withdrawal for the NBA draft to late May.  What is your assessment of that?
COACH BROWNELL:  This is the first I've ever heard of it, and I really don't know that I have a comment right now.  This probably isn't a great time for me to be thinking about it.  So I'm sorry, but I don't really have a good comment on that right now.

Q.  Rod, what made it so tough when you got down by so many?  What's going on mentally when you're trying to wage comeback like that?  It's like fighting upstream, isn't it?
ROD HALL:  I think the tougher thing is just getting everybody to believe.  Basketball turns on a possession.  Any possession anything can happen.  It was just tough trying to keep everybody going, but in the end my teammates didn't give up and they kept fighting.  I'm proud of them for that.

Q.  What did you see from the defensive standpoint?  Were they just constantly making shots or do you feel your guys didn't bring the same amount of energy they usually do?
COACH BROWNELL:  You know, I don't know.  I think it was a combination of things.  I thought their post players made some big‑ time plays.  Their two four men, Smith and Cofer both made big threes.  I know it only sounds like one basket each, but that's six points, and they don't normally do that consistently.  One of those or two of those happened late clock when we kind of guard them for 20, 25 seconds, and really guard them the way you want and you end up giving up a shot that's a three to those guys and they capitalized.
I just thought they had good mix to their game today.  Mays was special, and they got enough from other players.  Cofer and Smith both played well, a little bit from their center position, and we were struggling a little bit.  So just a combination of a lot of little things certainly Mayes' 30 is the big thing.  But they got some good baskets from other players that supplemented their offense.

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