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March 8, 2015

Henrik Stenson


Q.  Happy with the week's work?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, absolutely.  I came here with some questions, and I think I got quite a lot of answers, most of them positives.  There were a few things to go home and work on.  But it felt like, especially on the back nine, I felt like I picked up some pace compared to yesterday.
Yesterday was more of a battle.  Today I think I played a bit better towards the end and hit some nice shots coming in, and even though in these conditions on this golf course, it's always a little bit of a struggle and you have to grind it out on the odd occasion.  It came out pretty strong and got a good finish in the end and yeah, pretty pleased with the week, absolutely.

Q.  You talk about grading the game; are conditions major championship‑wise, does it give you a feel to playing under the highest level of pressure?
HENRIK STENSON:  There's certainly pressure out there, both in terms of tournament play but also on this golf course.  It keeps you on your toes all the time, and in these breezy conditions, you don't need to do a lot wrong sometimes to get penalized.  You have to stay focused.
Yeah, I let go once or twice, took one bad decision on the second shot on 10 today and I paid the price for that.  But other than that, I thought I kept to my game plan pretty well this week and I finished up a good week and yeah, I got a lot more golf before Augusta, so we'll try and tweak it in the right direction as we go along.

Q.  What's your schedule over the next few weeks?
HENRIK STENSON:  I'll play Tampa next week for the first time, so that will be good fun to check that tournament out.  Then home tournament at Bay Hill, week off with the family for spring break, and then Houston and Augusta, and a quick look on the Monday of Houston, I'm stopping by for a look at Augusta with Danny Willett, so we'll get to play another 18 there.

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