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March 8, 2015

Heather Macy

Jada Payne

I'Tiana Taylor


UConn – 106
East Carolina – 56

THE MODERATOR:  Joining us is East Carolina Coach Heather Macy, along with Jada Payne and I'Tiana Taylor.  Coach?
COACH MACY:  Sorry to keep y'all waiting.  Right?  Second half, obviously played much better, I think there is a lot of things to build on moving forward for our basketball team.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for our players?

Q.  Can you talk about what was said at halftime?  You guys came out and did some sprints there on the court there before the second half began.  What was the difference?
I'TIANA TAYLOR:  That's how we start out, with a warm‑up.  And I mean Coach just told us to work harder on you know, our side of the court you know.

Q.  I'Tiana are they incredibly difficult to guard or did you guys feel like you didn't have the proper defensive intensity in the first half?
I'TIANA TAYLOR:  They're a really good team and we had to stick to our game plan, so...

Q.  Same question.  What was the difference between the first half and the second half and how did you guys not get down on yourselves at half time, down 62‑22?
JADA PAYNE:  Well, mostly our intensity in the second half, we wanted to defend the way we needed to in the first half.
There are a lot of things we need to improve on, so we went into the second half with those adjustments in our mind and Coach Macy told us in order to get to that level that we need to outwork them and outhustle them and I think we did a much better job of that in the second half.
THE MODERATOR:  Any other questions for our players?  Thanks, ladies, you're free to go.  Questions for Coach?

Q.  Coach, all year we've heard that the big thing about UConn is they never take a play off no matter how much they're ahead or who they are playing.  Is that the message you were accepting to your team, not taking a play off?
COACH MACY:  I thought it was important for us in the second half to build as a basketball program so we're going to coach it like it's a practice.  That's how we were coaching, close‑outs, jumping to the pass, defensive box‑outs and the kids responded and they understood it was going to be about getting better during that 20 minutes versus running up and down playing pick‑up and that's what I felt like we did the first half, played a lot of pick‑up.

Q.  Coach, now that you've seen them a few times this year, obviously you were aware of them beforehand.  What's it going to take to close the gap against UConn in this league?  They have run through the first two years in the American.
COACH MACY:  They're an incredible basketball team and as we all had seen the gap is very wide.  I think it's going to be a concerted effort on our part with the players we coach, how we coach them and the mental preparation getting ready for this basketball game.

Q.  Can you explain taking the manager and assistant coaches during the time‑out and standing them up on the side of the bench, were you worried about Connecticut looking into your huddle?
COACH MACY:  You would have to describe where they were standing, I'm not even sure.

Q.  They were to your right and standing aside from each other, three of them, Geno turned around and waved to them in the second half.
COACH MACY:  I'm not sure about that, but I guess I got some body guards, I appreciate them.  I'm going to have to assess that!

Q.  Coach, moving forward obviously today was a very hard‑fought game.  Moving forward do you think East Carolina did all they can do to secure a turn any bid?
COACH MACY:  I would think so.  I think we were really hot late and we played our best basketball in Februaryand leading up to March.  I'm excited to hopefully continue coaching this basketball team.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Coach.

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