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March 7, 2015

Louis Oosthuizen


Q.  Two bogeys on your card, and looking at the leaderboard, impressive 67 that you posted, do you feel like you put yourself back into this tournament heading into Sunday?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† I do now with the rain coming down.¬† Yeah, I think it's a good spot.¬† I can't really‑‑ golf course is playing tough.¬† I don't see anyone really running away with it.¬† You never know.¬† I played well today.¬† I played solid.¬† Just I few mistakes here and there but a lot more good shots.

Q.¬† 16, the long bunker shot‑‑
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, I tried to hit my tee shot as right as I can there.  I didn't mind going in the bunker because it's almost easier out of the bunker than it is out of the grass there.  I knew if I go straight to the pin, I'm going to hit it long, anyway.  So I left myself with a good bunker shot but obviously didn't expect it to go in.  But yeah, hit a nice one.

Q.  It said 67 on your scorecard, but considering how good this course is playing, probably felt like a 62 or 63.  Give an indication of how tough it is out there.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† Yeah, when we teed off 10 and 11, the wind really picked up.¬† The 12th hole must have changed it from just being a good breeze to one‑ or two‑club wind.¬† It really got strong and one good thing is the guys got the last four holes downwind, so you can expect a few birdies coming in from 14 on, really.

Q.  67, heck of a score, how pleased are you with that performance today?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, really pleased.  Played well.  Played solid for three days now.  Yesterday was a bit not great on the greens but putted nicely today.  Just scored well.

Q.  Was it an easier day with hole locations, because the scores are a little bit better?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I don't know what it was yesterday, because yesterday the weather was quite good but that's one thing with this golf course, it doesn't really matter, it's still going to be tricky.
You know, I think that 62 the first round, everyone thought the scoring was going to go but it was never going to happen.  It's tough.  You get really pins that you can't hit it closer than 20, 25 feet, and other than that, there's so many bunkers out there and so much water, so you need to play smart and get it in the fairway and then take your chances on easier pin locations.

Q.¬† It's been an exciting day, a couple of hole‑in‑ones, a couple of eagles, and you're one of them, at 16, that was well done.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, Rickie first holed out on 11 for eagle and then I got to 16 and I holed a bunker shot.  I tried to hit the tee shot in those bunkers on the right.  I knew if it was going straight for the pin, it was just going to go long.
So I wanted to then angle in, felt like I would have a lot of green so I can pick and choose the type of shot I want to hit.  Yeah, I hit a good one, didn't really expect it to go in, but it was nice to see it drop.

Q.¬† So you had 4‑under; if someone said, hey, we'll give you 67 tomorrow, would you gladly take it and run?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I'll take it and run, yes.  I'll be surprised to see double digits win.  Because the golf course, you know, there's tough shots around every corner and it's just a tough golf course.

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