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March 7, 2015

John Daly


Q.  I imagine that was a little bit of an up‑and‑down round for you, a little I didn't know and I can't think.  You had it going so nicely on the front.  What was really the difference on the back?
JOHN DALY:  I just didn't make any putts.  One bad swing on 15, hit the cart path, went out of bounds.  Other than that it would have been a pretty solid round.  The back nine greens seem so much slower to me than the front.  I just can't‑‑ I don't know, the front nine rolled really smooth, and the back nine for me, it's like that the whole week.  I haven't putted good on the back at all.  I've just got to hit the putts a little harder.

Q.  Everyone who's played this game knows how it is.  It looked like you had pretty good strokes at 10 and 11 and it looked like the short miss at 12 maybe changed your mindset.
JOHN DALY:  Not really.  Just, like I said, I just wasn't going to change my stroke.  I didn't want to get real long in my back stroke and start decelerating.  I hit good putts.  I just couldn't get anything on line or much less to the hole.  To me they felt like they were rolling like two stimps slower, and I'm not a slow putter.  I just cannot putt slow greens.  I never have.  And I didn't hit it very close on the back, either.  10 and 11 were the two that if I would have made one of them, I'd have been fun, but 12 was like a freak bump like a bounce off the left side of the hole, it was no big deal.  But yeah, the ball‑striking is great, just like I said, just didn't hit it close and just didn't make anything on the back.

Q.  I've got to ask you one more thing positive.  368‑yard drive on 18.  That was a beautiful drive.
JOHN DALY:  Well, except for 15 all week, I've just‑‑ the arrow burner, it's been a while since I've found something this solid, and hoping it doesn't go left, otherwise pulled one on 15.  I've got a good rhythm with it.  I moved it back in my stance a little bit to avoid maybe going a little left, and I've just been killing it all week.  You know, same old thing.  Make some putts, hit it this good, and shooting even par today is a little frustrating, but for me it's just keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully make some more putts.

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