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March 7, 2015

Alexis Harris

Susan Robinson Fruchtl

Tori Rule


Providence – 79
Marquette - 66

SUSAN ROBINSON FRUCHTL:  It was a good game.  I think it was a pretty good match‑up both ways, a lot of up and down, a lot of scoring in this, so I think it was a fun game to watch.  It was a fun game to coach.  I appreciate these guys, two of our seniors.  They gave a great effort today, and as I told them, it's tough.  I've been there before, right.  I always lost my senior game each year, lost the last one of my senior year, so that's a difficult thing, so I've been there, and I understand that.
But they can be proud that they gave a really good effort today, and that's the biggest thing that you can do as a player, and they really wanted this one.  I applaud them, and I thank them.  I give credit to Marquette.  They really battled, made some key plays down the stretch.  They got some key rebounds that we didn't get and made some big free throws there at the end, enough to get the W.
I'm proud of our kids.  We fought hard.  We had a lot of injuries this year.  We really struggled to get a rhythm throughout the year, but we kept battling, and I'm excited about the future of this program.  I'm really ready to get to work in the off‑season.  That starts with recruiting.  Ready to get to work and get this program back in championship form.  It's been a long time since the Friars on the women's side have been in championship form, and that's where we aim to go.

Q.  Tori, you scored 30 points, didn't come out on top today, but it wasn't the result you wanted, but what has this career meant for you and what did it mean to go out with a bang in the sense that you really had a great performance?
TORI RULE:  It meant a lot to go out with a bang.  Before the game we all just made a goal to go out and play our hardest for the team, each other, and have no regrets.  I love PC, I love playing with my teammates.  We've built a great relationship and really become a family.
I care so much about the coaching staff, and we just treat each other like a family, and we just wanted to leave tonight with no regrets.  It didn't go in our favor, but I really did enjoy all of my seasons here at Providence College with each and every one of my teammates.

Q.  How hard has it been for you to come back from injury this whole season, and how have your surrounding players and coached helped you through that?
TORI RULE:  It's been hard, not so much physically because the broken finger wasn't really anything.  You lose your handle a little bit.  But I really think the coaching staff and my teammates did a really good job of helping me through the mental side of things, and the pick‑me‑up kind of side of it, and just telling me get back on the court, don't worry about it, we need you.
It's just the belief factor behind everything, so I really didn't feel anything when I was out.  I really felt a part of the team and feel like I was part of the team just as a starter or coming off the bench.  Either way, they stayed vocal with me.

Q.  Alexis, obviously a tough way to fall here.  Marquette finding a way late.  What do you make of this game, because you guys had a 73‑67 lead.  What did it come down to?
ALEXIS HARRIS:  We all played tough.  Everybody on the court gave their all, and like Tori said, we wanted to just make a goal, like, nobody gives up, leave everything on the floor, no regrets, and we have nothing to lose, so just go for it.  Everybody played their role.  Everybody did their role, played tough, and I feel like we really played together throughout the game.

Q.  Coach, you take a look at this match‑up and Coach Kieger said as well, two teams that really just played their best basketball.  You're up 73‑67, what did you feel like really went wrong?
COACH ROBINSON FRUCHTL:  Well, we took a couple‑‑ I wouldn't say ill‑advised shots, but we just didn't finish them.  We were off balance on a couple things, and we didn't finish.  The one play where I thought there was a tie‑up, I thought Tori had called a time‑out.  I saw her doing this as a coach.  That's on me.  I need to make it very clear to everybody that we wanted a time‑out.  I felt that was‑‑ it wasn't a turning point, but it was a big play.  I thought it was a big play where she fell down.  We had the tie‑up in the middle of the court, I thought that was a big play and momentum shifted a little bit.
Yeah, we put them on the foul line a little bit there down the stretch and they're a very good free throw shooting team.  This is actually one of their‑‑ shooting 73 percent is not great for them.  There weren't a ton of fouls in this game, but a couple of them were just key free throws.  I thought this game would come down to rebounding overall, whoever controlled the boards would win, and that stat held up.  They out‑rebounded us there 46‑38.  We both had 15 offensive boards, so neither coach is very happy with the offensive boards each of us gave up, but we gave up ones where they converted, and I think that was a big difference.  They converted on their offensive boards with a lay‑up.  We got a lot we didn't convert right away.  We had to bring it back out.  So those were key rebounds.

Q.  Was that the shot you were looking for to end the game and did you think that was pretty clean?

Q.  Yeah.
COACH ROBINSON FRUCHTL:  It was the right action, okay.  I think we need to make a better decision.  I think we could have gotten maybe a pull‑up or a kick‑out, okay, but it was the right action.  We executed the action correctly.

Q.  Where do your graduating players kind of leave this program?  Even though they didn't produce the results, where do they leave you?
COACH ROBINSON FRUCHTL:  Well, I think when I came in, it was a big change for them.  It was a big change for them.  I think I was a lot of organization was brought to this program, a lot of things maybe they just weren't used to, so that was a big change.  If I look back, the first book I made them read was "Who Moved My Cheese," just to try to get them to be comfortable with change and that that was okay and for them to accept it.  I think they learned a lot about themselves and I think they've learned and grown a whole lot at PC.  I told them, one of the biggest things if I can teach as a coach is do not settle for mediocrity.  This is not good enough.  Even though we gave 100 percent effort, this is not good enough.  We have to get a lot better.  This program has got to get a lot better.  We all have got work to do.  We all have got a lot of work to do.
And for the seniors this does not stop here.  They've got to take their PC education, what they learned as a Friar and impact their world, whatever world that is for them.  They need to have an impact in that world, and I think that's the biggest thing that our students at PC learn, whether you're a student‑athlete or not.

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