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March 6, 2015

Emily Cady

Tear'a Laudermill

Connie Yori


Iowa – 74
Nebraska - 65

THE MODERATOR:  We're joined by head coach Connie Yori, Tear'a Laudermill and Emily Cady.  Coach, an opening statement.
COACH YORI:  That first four minutes of the game was some of the most fun basketball of the season.  And I think both teams settled in, and Iowa is just good, they're a really good basketball team and they've got scorers at all spots and they're hard to guard.  And I want to compliment our team for playing a little undermanned for the last ten games or so and competing really hard against a really good basketball team.  Congratulations to Iowa and there are a team that's playing really, played really well all year.  They've got good players, well‑coached.  But I also want to compliment our team on what we did today.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for the student‑athletes.

Q.  Just you can answer this, seemed like you're trying to post the paint in the second half because you can see that you guys were trading buckets and then things were starting to level off where Iowa started to pull away.  What were you all saying out there to each other about the pace of the game, trying to get back into the game?
TEAR'A LAUDERMILL:  We were just telling each other to keep calm.  There was a time we sped up a little bit.  But I was telling everybody just keep calm, it's going to come to us, our shots are going to fall, we came together.  We were trading buckets, but we scored again and we just had to play good defense.

Q.  Emily, what's it like playing a team like Iowa you've played so many times, the seniors that you've matched up against those exact people and how did that play into the game?
EMILY CADY:  It's always fun to play Iowa, always a grudge match.  We always battle hard against each other no matter what.  And it's good competition, and it's just really fun to play them.

Q.  Melissa Dixon leads the nation in 3‑pointers how did you try to limit her, she ended up with just one?
TEAR'A LAUDERMILL:  We all know Melissa Dixon is a very nice shooter but game plan for everything is pretty much to limit her shots.  And our plan was just to cut her down getting easy looks, gets that one shot off keeps on going.  I think we did a good job limiting her view to get 3s off.

Q.  Emily, how do you think this team will respond in the time before the NCAA Tournament to get ready and how do you want to see this season continue?
EMILY CADY:  I think we have a lot of practice time and a lot of rest time.  It will be nice to get back in the gym and work on our shots and work on our defense and get some of the newer kids like the freshmen who haven't had as much practice as like a senior and get them into practices and hopefully we can become a better team through the time.

Q.  Connie, what was the game plan for Melissa?  The nation's leading 3‑point shooter.
COACH YORI:  Well, we've‑‑ I think we know Iowa really well.  And they know us really well.  So the game plan is not to leave her.  We do a pretty good job of not leaving her and not giving her open looks.  The one 3 she hit was right off the start of the second half.  But the thing that challenges you with Iowa is that it's not just about Melissa Dixon.  They've got great scorers‑‑ any one of those starters can score double figures or could get 15 on a given night or more.  So that's what challenges you.
So if you put your full focus on Dixon, well, you're giving something else up.  So we historically have done a pretty good job in guarding Iowa, considering we've done a pretty good job.  I think Iowa, I think what makes them better this year is that I think they're a better defensive team than they were.  They've always been a really good scoring team.
And that hasn't changed.  But I think now defensively they're that much better.

Q.  What did you tell the team at halftime once you realized that you guys were trading buckets, you got a little bit closer, what did you tell them in preparation for the second half?
COACH YORI:  You just gotta keep playing every possession.  That's what basketball is about.  You play for 40 minutes and you play every possession like it matters and just compete.
And I thought, like I said earlier, that first four, five minutes of the game, through the first media, was really high level, high paced.  And everyone settled in.  And we got‑‑ we didn't make as many shots later.
But we're down a very important person in our program.  But I'm just with our kids, I just keep telling them just play every possession, work as hard as you can defensively.
But on the offensive end there were times we got impatient.  I wish‑‑ there were some possessions I wish we had back.

Q.  Does it complicate things that there's multiple people that can hit 3‑pointers for them at any time, I guess?
COACH YORI:  Their spacing is so good.  And therefore Doolittle goes 7 for 10 from the field because she gets one‑on‑one in the post.  I mean, you go double or you're leaving‑‑ you're taking your chances and leaving a really good shooter wide open, perhaps.  And so Bethany gets singled a lot that's because of the spacing she has with the guards she plays with.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Coach.

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