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March 6, 2015

Amber Orrange

Lili Thompson

Tara VanDerveer


THE MODERATOR:テつ We've got Stanford Cardinal here with Coach Tara VanDerveer, Amber Orrange and Lili Thompson.テつ Coach, an opening comment?
COACH VANDERVEER:テつ First I want to congratulate UCLA on a great season.テつ They're young.テつ I think their young talent and their coaching staff has done a really good job.テつ They've really improved a lot.テつ We had to play really hard and really well to win.
Having said that, I think Amber and Lili put our team on their back, and I thought we worked very hard defensively and we did a good job defensively.テつ We did one of the things that we really came in to do, and we got back into transition very well.テつ We did not do a good job keeping them off the O boards.テつ They're an extremely physical team.
But having said that, we knocked down some big shots.テつ Made some free throws down the stretch.テつ Kailee and Bonnie making those big free throws.テつ Our team just stayed with it.テつ Even though things were not clicking on all cylinders for a while there.テつ But I think the leadership that Amber and Lili showed out there was one of the main reasons why we won.

Q.テつ Amber, things were clicking offensively for a while and you still had that double‑digit lead.テつ Did they make an adjustment?テつ What happened to the offense?
AMBER ORRANGE:テつ I guess sometimes shots just don't go in.テつ We had a couple looks and the ball just didn't go in.テつ Then they'd come back on the other end and score.テつ So I think we just did a good job of staying together when they made their run and sticking with it.

Q.テつ Amber, what do you remember about that three you made after they had tied the game?
AMBER ORRANGE:テつ What do I remember?テつ Do you remember who passed it to me?
LILI THOMPSON:テつ I passed it to Kailee.テつ Kailee kicked it out to you.
AMBER ORRANGE:テつ I don't remember anything about it.テつ If I was open I was going to shoot it, and it went in.

Q.テつ Did you have an expectation that they'd make a run at the end of the game?
COACH VANDERVEER:テつ You know, I think that had been kind of the way the game had been going.テつ We had gotten them down in the first half and they came back.テつ They're just extremely aggressive.テつ I just thought that we had to just hang in there.
Like Amber said, we missed some shots but we made some big stops.テつ We took care of the ball for the most part.テつ It was an extremely physical game, and we have to adjust to that if that's how it's going to be.
But I think Amber and Lili did a really good job showing good guard leadership and Bree also came in.テつ I think our big kids played well.テつ Offensively Bird going 5‑for‑9, and with Kailee going 3‑for‑4.テつ I thought they really helped us.

Q.テつ What were you looking to take away on that final defensive possession?テつ What did you think of your execution?
COACH VANDERVEER:テつ On the very last one on the eight seconds when they were going for the three?テつ We didn't want them to get a three, and I think Bree did a really good job chasing her.テつ Amber was right on Fields.テつ Bree was right on Korver.テつ Who ended up taking that shot?テつ Was that her?テつ I don't think that was the person they wanted taking the shot, but I think she was well guarded too.

Q.テつ Going into tomorrow against ASU, you guys lost to them twice early this season, once by three and once by one.テつ What are going to be the keys to success to finally get this one?
AMBER ORRANGE:テつ I think you said it, we right there the last two times that we played them.テつ The first time they got up big and we came back in the second half.テつ The other time we kind of had the lead and we let it go.テつ So I think everyone's excited.テつ We've shown we can play with them, so we'll go out and play hard tomorrow .
LILI THOMPSON:テつ We know that they play pressure defense, so we're prepared for that.テつ Also just getting on the glass.テつ We know they like to rebound and we'll have to box out and make sure we beat them on the glass.
COACH VANDERVEER:テつ This is the first time that I can remember that we would be wearing a dark uniform in the Pac‑12 Tournament, and that we're the underdog, and I like it.テつ I think it's going to be really exciting.テつ I think our team, this is the team we want to play.テつ So, you know, we've got to come out and get the job done.テつ They're an excellent team.テつ Charli does a great job.テつ You have to be able to execute against their pressure defense, and they've got‑‑ they went inside on us, and we've got to do a better job of stopping the inside game than we did last time.
But I have a lot of confidence in our team and how we battled with them.テつ I think we just have to really‑‑ we just have to come out with a lot of intensity and a lot of focus, and when we have done that, we've done very well.

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