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March 6, 2015

Adam Scott


Q.  Did you expect to play this well?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I think it's kind of how my game felt.  It felt good.  I was quietly confident.  Like I said, I think I should play well and I played solid for a couple days.  I putted solid.  My short game's been solid. 
So I'm quite pleased with all the work I've done leading up to this event at home and somehow managed to take it out on the course in competition, so it's a really good starting point for the year, and hopefully build on that on the weekend and really important next few weeks out here on Tour leading into the Masters.

Q.  How critical was 11 and 12, two really big pars?
ADAM SCOTT:¬† Yeah, it was‑‑ we say it all the time but some of those big par saves could mean more than the birdies.¬† Got off to a good start on 10 with a birdie but made a couple good par saves, and then kept the momentum going my way and managed to get it 4‑under through the turn.¬† You make a couple bogeys there and you're over par and the mind‑set can change, and it's very easy to battle on this golf course rather than let it flow.
After a few birdies, the swing was really freeing up, and feeling good with the driver and making the course a little bit easier, hitting it down the fairway.

Q.¬† The back‑to‑back bogeys‑‑
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, it's going to happen out here.  You don't have to do much wrong.  A little loose on the third hole, and ended up being a good bogey.
4 is just demanding and probably playing a little tougher today I think with less wind because you've got to aim it more up the middle of the green and take on more of the water than yesterday.
It's hard to get around here without making a bogey.  It's pretty penal with the water and the bail outs aren't real good either.  So we've got our work cut out for us out there.

Q.  In terms of putting away from the golf course, are you spending more time on your putting this week compared to regular tournaments last year?
ADAM SCOTT:  To be honest, I really have spent very little time on it.  I feel like it's in a good place, and I really don't want to clutter myself at the moment with too much thought or try too hard.  It's one of those things I think I need to get out of my own way a little bit and that's been something I've been thinking about just generally with my golf as I've been sitting at home with a lot of time on my hands, and it's not that I'm not practicing; it's that I'm not stressing about it and everything is feeling good, and just kind of roll with it and stay on top of the fundamentals and hopefully I keep making putts.

Q.¬† You're not surprised to play well after a big break and you're not surprised you're putting well with the change, are you ever surprised‑‑
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, for sure.  But I just think I've tried to plan things better all the time, and I'd say that with my golf over the last five years, I'm not surprised.  I've played some consistent golf because I think I've had a really good plan.  And it's not always right, but at least there's a plan and I'm working towards something.
And I would say that about coming out after a break.  I've done it before had a long break and come out and I've tried to remember what I did and what I did wrong, and don't do it this time.  Just trying to keep on top of things, because the standard is so high.  When the top players are playing well, it's a very high standard, and you can't afford to take a step back.

Q.  Is the putter transition not as big of a deal as it's made out to be, or just because you've had so much time to consider it?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I mean, look, for me, I don't think it was a big deal.  I've been successful with the short putter before.  I think for guys who had never putted any other way, that's a different story potentially.  But it's been a good thing for me.  It's given me something new to focus on and sometimes that's nice, something fresh; when you're just grinding away at the same old thing, that can get boring, just like any job has its moments.  It's been a good change, something fresh to think about and to work on and I've enjoyed it.  I've kind of tried to embrace it.

Q.  Knowing how well J.B. played yesterday, did that kind of put you in a good frame of mind?
ADAM SCOTT:  Not really.  I mean, he might have had the round of his life, and certainly round of the year this year already yesterday.  I don't know if there's going to be better than that anyway.  You never know.  Someone will probably because I said that now.
It was a phenomenal round anyway, but you've got to take advantage of those days when they come.  And for me, sitting eight shots back after a pretty good round myself yesterday, I just have to hope he's not going to do it again, and I can slowly pick away at those eight shots over the next few days.  We've seen it when guys run away with the tournament, too.

Q.  This is not an easy course to protect the lead on.
ADAM SCOTT:  I wouldn't think so.  I think it pretty tough.  Certainly the front nine is extremely difficult.  I think your opportunity is probably on the back nine and the fairways seem a little more generous on the back nine to me.  You really want to be in the fairway to get it near any of these pins.

Q.  Could you talk about the first hole?  It seems like it's a very difficult par 5 from what it used to be like.  What are your thoughts on it?
ADAM SCOTT:  The green is just incredibly difficult.  It is not inviting to hit any kind of long iron in at all with this kind of firmness, and it almost would be foolish too because I can pretty much tell you the outcome of what's going to happen if you pitch a long iron on the green.
You know, it pretty much forces you to lay up and test your pitching game.  I think we often expect to hit a par 5 in two just because we can reach it.  I'm not sure that's necessarily the right thought but you know, Gil is certainly asking the question of you down the first if you want to have a go.  Even with a wedge in there, it's a pretty tough shot.

Q.  Jason Day showed an interesting way to play it?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I don't think he'd want that one again.  But you can get lucky occasionally, too, in golf (smiling).

Q.¬† Trying to lay up‑‑
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, exactly.  It's one of those lucky shots that you take it and run.

Q.  Given the difficulty here that you have discussed already, was there any reservation about  making your return here?
ADAM SCOTT:  Between here and Honda was my thought, and I picked here.  I figured I can get four rounds in here for sure.
And Honda is a really tough place to return.  I went there after six weeks off after last year and found myself grinding just to stay alive.  That's what it looked like on TV, seeing the guys last week.
It is just such a grind, that golf course, and it's just so much tighter than here.  And a lot of water in play.  You can have a bad day with just a couple bad shots, so I felt this was a good place for me to start and get four rounds under my belt and see how I'm going.

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