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March 6, 2015

Jenny Shin


Q.  Do you mind talking very quickly through your round?  You birdied the fifth?
JENNY SHIN:  I did.  It was a good putt.  That hole, the fifth hole, the tee shot, you need to hit straight and I did do that; and I wanted to keep it left of the hole and I did.  Made the putt.
Next hole, I hit in the bunker but hit a great shot out of the bunker, and then seventh, I chipped it to about 2 1/2 feet and made that for birdie.
And then the eighth, I hit it too 15 feet and made that, as well.  It was a pretty easy putt straight up into the hill.

Q.  So putting was good today?
JENNY SHIN:  Yeah, putting was good today.  But it seems like I 3‑putt at least once a round out here.  I feel like my putting saved me and killed me at the same time.  It's been like that since Australia.  If I could just focus and not miss any 5‑footers, that would be great. 
On 18, I missed a 4‑footer birdie putt, and I missed the 2‑footer coming back.  Miss‑read all those putts.  I did that yesterday, miss‑read a lot of my 5‑footers.  It's tough with the grain, and the slope.  I've gotten used to it already but some of the holes, it's still a little bit confusing.

Q.  You're in a great place, considering you've got this on your mind?
JENNY SHIN:  Right.  I feel like I shot 5‑over today but I still ended up with 2‑under par.  The double on the 15th killed me.

Q.  But you're still left well‑placed for the weekend.
JENNY SHIN:  Right, three strokes behind, two days left, so I'm not worried too much about it.  Just do what I did today ask yesterday, and focus a little bit more.

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