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March 5, 2015

Anthony Levrets


Washington テや 75
Utah テや 64

THE MODERATOR:テつ We've got Utah Coach Anthony Levrets, Tanaeya Boclair, and Joeseta Fatuesi.テつ Coach, an opening statement?
COACH LEVRETS:テつ I'm really proud of our team.テつ I told them after the game I wouldn't trade them for the world.テつ We've been through an unbelievable up and down here with all the stuff that's happened to our group injury‑wise over the last six months, and figuring out a way to fight and compete night‑in and night‑out after you've gone through what we've gone through is incredibly difficult.テつ I couldn't be prouder of our efforts.
Obviously the result is disappointing, but I'm not going to let some numbers on the scoreboard define who we are.テつ Hopefully we'll get everybody back and healthy and move forward.

Q.テつ In the second half it seemed like Davis was really the difference maker for UW.テつ First half 4‑for‑10 from the field.テつ Obviously in the second half she scores 18.テつ What was the difference for her in the two halves?
COACH LEVRETS:テつ She's really good.テつ She's very difficult to contain.テつ They did a great job of moving their parts around and letting her play off on‑ball screens.テつ She made big shots.テつ She made tough shots.テつ She got to the rim.テつ She made a couple plays for other people.テつ She's just a really talented guard and you're not going to shut her down.テつ But she's just a really good player.

Q.テつ Coach, what adjustments did UW make in the second half?
COACH LEVRETS:テつ They made a few more shots.テつ They moved their parts just a little bit.テつ They changed who their on‑ball screen was and where it was coming from.テつ But we, I think we guarded them for the most part okay.テつ Kids made shots.テつ They made a bunch of contested ones.テつ We were going to live with them getting to the rim a little bit.テつ We just didn't want to give up some threes.テつ To their credit, every time they're open, they knocked down a three.テつ I thought that stretch and we kind of ran out of gas there and they got three back‑to‑back possessions in transition which is really big.テつ Other than that, I'm pleased with what we did.

Q.テつ You mentioned that the three transition buckets in a row that kind of got them going in the end.テつ In the first half though it seemed the game was more your pace.テつ What were you able to do in that first half that slowed them down?
COACH LEVRETS:テつ Well, we just were fresh.テつ We got the ball inside more.テつ In the second half we took more threes, and missed threes lead to transition.テつ We missed 15 of them, which my guess is most of those turned into some sort of positive possession for them at the other end.
But they're a really, really quality team, and as good offensively as anybody that we've played in a long time.

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