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March 5, 2015

Jordan Adams

Brianna Barrett

Cynthia Cooper-Dyke


Colorado テや 75
USC テや 63

THE MODERATOR:テつ We've got USC here, Coach Cynthia COOPER‑DYKE‑Dyke, Jordan Adams and Brianna Barrett.テつ Coach, some opening remarks?
COACH COOPER‑DYKE:テつ It was a tough game.テつ Hat's off to Colorado.テつ Executed their game plan to perfection.テつ They played really hard for 40 minutes, so you've got to give credit where it's due.テつ They did a tremendous job for 40 minutes.テつ I thought we didn't shoot very well in the first half.テつ Came out in the second half with better intensity but really couldn't get over the hump.テつ Every time we made a run, Colorado came back and either got to the free‑throw line or knocked down a three‑point shot.
So it was a tough loss, tough game.テつ I want to thank our seniors, Alexyz Vaioletama, and Kaneisha Horn, who have just done a tremendous job for us.テつ And wish we could have sent them out in a better way, but still doesn't diminish the hard work and sacrifice that they've given both to our university and our program.

Q.テつ You mentioned you guys struggled shooting the ball in the first half.テつ What was Colorado doing defensively that made it so hard for you guys?
COACH COOPER‑DYKE:テつ Well, Colorado is a very physical team.テつ Then they played a sagging man defense, which stopped us from penetrating.テつ We like to get to the basket.
The other thing that they did was execute offensively.テつ They knocked down some shots offensively, which didn't allow us to rebound the ball or get deflection, steals and then get out in our fast break.テつ So with the execution with the way they shot in the first half, it really kind of stifled our offense a little bit and made us become a half‑court basketball team, when we really wanted to get up and down the court.
Second half I thought we brought the right level of intensity but we weren't consistent, and we didn't force the issue when it came to running the ball and really getting into transition.テつ So we came up short.

Q.テつ Jordan, going forward do you feel like there is a good foundation here, a good, young foundation for this team?
JORDAN ADAMS:テつ We have a lot of really good freshmen.テつ We have some that are coming back.テつ We're just losing two.テつ We're not losing half of our team, so I think we'll have a good foundation.
I think this is a learning experience for a lot of us, and we're just going to use this going forward and hopefully have a better season next year.
BRIANNA BARRETT:テつ Same thing Jordan said.テつ We have a lot of freshmen that are coming in and that are here that they got a lot of playing time.テつ So we're hoping that they learn from what they did and their mistakes, and take from the good that they did also and expand on that.テつ Also the returners that are coming and step into our roles and become more of leaders for the freshmen coming in and the freshmen we have now, that are going to be sophomores next year.
I don't know.テつ We just need to build off what we did this year and take from the good and build off that for next season so we can have a better season.

Q.テつ Coach, what was the message at halftime?テつ It was pretty clear you guys came out with more intensity and, I think you got the lead down to six at one point.テつ Did you change the game plan or just give your team a strong message at the half?
COACH COOPER‑DYKE:テつ I think it was a strong message at halftime.テつ We talked about our defense.テつ We talked about getting deflections and steals and rebounding the ball so that we can get out in our fast break.テつ We made some tweaks offensively because of Colorado's sagging man defense.テつ But ultimately it was up to finish around the basket.テつ It was up to us to force the issue when it came to transition.テつ We weren't able to do that because I just really thought Colorado came out and played an extremely well‑planned, well‑thought‑out, and well‑executed game.
Their intensity early on in the game, their intensity, we didn't match their intensity which gave them an opportunity.テつ It really allowed them to have a rhythm offensively that we could never really overcome.テつ So, back to the drawing board.

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