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March 2, 2015

Ian Poulter


Q.  What do you take from this day?  How would you best describe it?
IAN POULTER:  Interesting.  It was a roller coaster.  It's more than anything else, just a little bit disappointing.  You know, yesterday I was in position, comfortably in position.  Made a couple of poor swings, and then today's couple of poor swings, inexcusable.  I'm more than disappointed.
It's frustrating, because I've played good golf this week.  Tee‑to‑green, I've been pretty much exemplary.  I'm not sure, but I'm almost right up there in greens in reg, which for me is good.  And obviously working hard on my putting and rolling a few putts in, is a nice feeling.
So I've been in position a couple of times over the last two days to really stretch my lead.  I haven't done it.  Poor shot on 11, which was expensive.  7‑iron, I really shouldn't be missing those greens to the right.  On 11, obviously resulted in a double.  And then poor tee shot, 14, after hitting the pin with a lovely wedge shot.
There's lots of ifs and buts, but you know, tee shot on 14 was out of position.  I've hit the tree.  It's gone right in the hazard.  Buried in the bunker.  I mean, that hole just killed my day.
So it's a shame.  There's lots of pluses with how I've played all week, but there's nothing like handing the golf tournament away.  It makes you feel pretty sick.

Q.  You did hit a lot of beautiful shots, but the squirrely shots you just mentioned, was it more mental or mechanical?
IAN POULTER:  It's obviously a little bit of mental, otherwise there's no reason for the mechanical to fail.  I've got 2 1/2 hours in the car with my son Luke, so I think I'm going to have to turn the stereo off, have a nice chat to him for 2 1/2 hours, and explain to him how easy it is to hand golf tournaments away and tell him to just focus real hard and see how easy it is to make mistakes.  If you don't concentrate, then you're in big trouble, and that's exactly what happened.  I didn't focus 100 percent, and I paid the price.

Q.  You had chances to win this one.  Where do you think it got a way from you a little bit there on the back nine?
IAN POULTER:  It's a number of shots over‑‑ it's not just the back nine.  You know, when I look, the front nine, when I look at the soft shot I was trying to hit, the 8‑iron yesterday was a soft shot and I've shanked it.  I've tried to hit an easy tee shot off the next and pulled it.
Every time I went to hit a soft shot, which is something I'm working on right now, if I hit a soft shot, the tendency is I've got a chance of pushing it.  You know, I perhaps should have stood up and maybe hit a harder shot.
I hit a soft 7 into 11; make double.  Hit a lovely shot into 13; hits the stick, which was a shame.  If it misses the stick, it's pretty stiff to be honest.  And then I'm swinging a soft driver off the next straight right in trouble.
So three soft shots have got me in a lot of trouble this week, and I guess it's back to the drawing board and keep working on those weaknesses that I have and that's one of the weaknesses.
You know, the good's good.  The good's good enough to win, I know that.  I've known that for a long time.  It's just bitterly disappointing to put myself in the position I have; to play as well as I've played:  Greens in reg number was good, proximity to the hole number was great; I was rolling a few putts in; my short game was on, and a couple of loose shots right there has cost me this tournament.
It's a shame to hand tournaments away.  You don't mind‑‑ you don't mind being beaten fair and square and good luck to the boys that are out there in the playoff.  But I've handed one away this week and you know it's going to hurt because making triples and doubles just doesn't get it done, and it's a shame.  I shouldn't do that.  I don't make a bogey in round three and it's pretty flawless, and then three soft shots have cost me.

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