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February 28, 2015

Mohammad Tauqir


MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: Yes, it is a difficult wicket in the world. I think it got a lot of bounce and carry. I think they outplayed us with their bowling. They bowled with some excellent areas, and we couldn't keep up with that.

Q. What are the lessons you would have learned from this, you know, playing such a big nation with their experience? What do you feel about it?
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: As I said, we need to do the basics right. I think the basics is to play all 50 overs. I think we got out in 30odd overs, which was not good, and batters need to be more responsible and learn from their mistakes and play all 50 overs in the next game. We have proved it, also, in the previous two games. I think we need to do that.

Q. This is exactly the kind of performance that people were expecting from you. What do you want to say to that?
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: Look, we had two good games, and probably one of the innings which we would like to forget about it and erase this game as soon as possible and would like to do well in the following  in the next three games.

Q. You played a fairly tough match. You probably need to play more tough games like this. How do you feel about that?
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: Yeah, definitely. I think the more we play against these bigger nations, the more we learn and the more we perform, and I think that that fear or that thinking of a bigger team would not be there, you know. I think the more we play, the better for the associate nations.

Q. Do you actually have any hope that you might be playing more against bigger nations?
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: Well, that's not for me to reply. That's for the authorities to organize or arrange these more games with us.

Q. Talk about the performance of Ashwin.
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: You saw the results yourself. I don't need to say that. It took four wickets, he bowled extremely well. I think more than his turn, I think it was the bounce that was creating a problem for us. He was getting some very good bounce, you know, and yes, of course he bowled well. He took four wickets, and he won them the game.

Q. You praised the Indian bowlers. What was the difference between their bowling and what you've experienced the last two games?
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: No, of course Indian team is more professional. They have a better spin attack than the rest of  than the Irish or Zimbabweans. I think we got outplayed by the spin attack more than the fastbowlers. I think the wicket also helped them in getting us all out.

Q. Have you learned anything from India how to play in big matches? Have you learned anything from this match?
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: Yes, of course. The whole tournament is a learning experience for us. We don't play World Cup or these nations as regular as we should be, but as I said, the whole tournament is a learning experience. This particular match, also, we need to show improvement in the next game, so we cannot show improvement in this game. Yes, of course, we would like to, in our next game, make less mistakes and learn from this game.

Q. There were a few highlights in the match for you guys. (Inaudible.)
MOHAMMAD TAUQIR: It was a brilliant catch, onehanded effort. It was an extremely good catch. As a team we are working very hard on our batting, bowling and fielding, also. Brilliant effort from him, and we wanted to take a few more wickets, also. It didn't come our way, but excellent effort and good catch from Rohan.
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