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February 27, 2015

Russell Knox


RUSSELL KNOX:  It was never going to be pretty today.  It was very windy, and of course the rain.  My short game saved my bacon quite a few times today.
Really hitting my lines good this week and rolling the putts nice.

Q.  Now you've played so well over the first two days, would you like the weather to kind of stay the way it is?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Oh, I want it nasty.  I love playing in this stuff.  Obviously I've had a lot of practice growing up in Scotland.  But no, I want it to blow.  I mean, nobody likes playing in the rain but I would like it to be windy.

Q.  You've played a great golf over here, when you play a great round like this, do you get a lot of messages from back hole?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, support has been great from back home and over here.  After two days, it's great to be in good position, but we all know it means nothing.

Q.  You showed a lot of patience out there, that was a long round of golf, wasn't it?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, I've been here since 5:30 or so this morning.  It was on and off.  That's as tough as you're going to play in two days in a row and I'm happy I survived.

Q.  2‑under 68 to go along with that 69, that's really solid play considering the conditions the last two days?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, yesterday I hit the ball great.  Today you're just never going to stripe it when it's raining like that.  But my short game was unbelievable today.  I putted really good again.  Hopefully it will continue.

Q.  What is it about this place and your game that matches up so well, because a year ago, you were right there, as well.
RUSSELL KNOX:  I love this course because you're never comfortable.  Everyone has that horrible feeling‑‑ that's one of the things I've worked on is being comfortable being uncomfortable.  And that's what the PGA TOUR is all about.  That's something that‑‑ one of the reasons why I've improved in the last year.

Q.  How do you prepare for the weekend?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Same thing, do a lot of nothing, eat a lot of food and put my feet up.  Yeah, I hope it blows 20 the next two days.

Q.  Only one blemish on your card, lots and stops and starts, very good round.
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, my only bogey was a pitching wedge in the middle of the fairway I just kind of quit on.  I avoided a lot of other bogeys which is the key.

Q.  What is it about this place that you love so much?  Last year in the playoff and now 3‑under through two rounds here.
RUSSELL KNOX:  I love these hard courses.  I love that feeling of‑‑ I think it really keeps me in the present because the second you get ahead of yourself or your attitude gets bad, you'll make another bogey or double pretty easy.  So really focus on one shot at a time.

Q.  How tough have conditions been these two days?
RUSSELL KNOX:  As tough as you're going to play in all year for sure.  This course, just with all the water and wind and rain, if you mis‑hit a shot, you're going to make bogey pretty much every time.  It's tough.

Q.  With your long day out of the way, how good does it feel knowing it's behind you and you have a rest until tomorrow afternoon.
RUSSELL KNOX:  It's good.  I just hope we don't get extremely unlucky on the draw.  The guys obviously had it tough yesterday but we probably had it harder and not everyone obviously is going to play 18 holes today.
But I took care of my business and that's all I'm concerned about.  See where I lie after they get done tomorrow.  It's nice to be able to put my feet up and rest and had a good, long sleep.

Q.  What are doing with yourself between the breaks this morning?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I just sat and eat as much as possible and try to get my energy level up.  Nothing really.  I mean, everyone's just sitting and waiting.

Q.  Conditions are quite different to last year when you got into the playoff, but after two rounds this year compared to last year, would you say you're playing better this time around?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I mean, yes, last year on Friday, I shot 63 I think or so.  I had great day.  This year, it's so different because you're just trying to hang on and survive.  But last year you could get after it.  I mean, all in all, probably played just as good the last two days as I did last year the first two days.

Q.  Consider yourself a bit of a grinder?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Absolutely.  I grew up in such horrible conditions that you have to just chip‑and‑putt to make your score.  I've always considered myself able to just get the ball in the hole as quick as possible.  Today I needed every bit of it.

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