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February 27, 2015

Shikhar Dhawan


Q. Can you say that that (No Microphone)?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: Yeah, that's how we are approaching this game. We're approaching it the same way. We've had a few off days to relax, and it was good to have a few off days and now we are here for practice, so we're going to prepare ourselves for tomorrow and just going to play the game the way we have been playing.

Q. With UAE have you watched them in the earlier matches and any particular threat from some of them?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: I haven't watched their videos yet. (No Microphone) yet. So once I go back to the hotel after the practice, I'm going to watch. And then maybe I'll give consideration to that thing.

Q. Can you just talk about Australia (No Microphone).
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: Australia's a very beautiful country and very systematic. Yeah, I've got a home here now and my family lives here, so I enjoy coming over here. I have a good time coming over here. This is the first game I've stayed in Australia for such a long time. Yeah, I enjoy become at home with my family. Of course, I feel it's one of the best places to play cricket, and I really enjoy playing all my cricket over here. This was my first two and first World Cup away, so I'm really enjoying it.

Q. (No Microphone) for the game tomorrow?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: No, he won't be available tomorrow.

SPEAKER: Duncan won't be available tomorrow. He'll be coming back on Monday.

Q. What do you think you'll do things differently without him?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: Well, of course Duncan is our main coach, and his presence is going to be -- we're going to miss his presence inside, but I assume we're going to do the same routine. Of course he must have discussed everything with the other sports staff and we'll follow the routine and we're just going to go and play the game.

Q. Does he do things in practice that picks it up for you?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: Yeah, we have a fielding coach, so he's going to do that thing.

Q. Is there talk about giving a break to some of the guys since you'll be facing UAE (No Microphone) or keeping up the winning combination? And secondly, since there are so many people across the globe traveling with you guys, so many of your fans. Does that give you an extra desire to the guys to up the ante? What kind of encouragement does that give you?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: I'll answer your first question first. Shami won't be playing tomorrow, so Shami will be absent from tomorrow's game. Yeah, of course it's a great feeling to have so many fans over here, especially we saw that in Melbourne in the last game. It was amazing to see so many Indians in MCG ground. It was a great feeling. I really enjoyed playing in front of 86,000 people. Yeah, it gives a very good feeling that our fans followed us here and they gave us so much importance. I feel because of them we get that extra edge, you can say, yeah.

Q. What do you do different to get back to form? Like first match over here you keep on going, so what differently do you do after the series?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: We stay in calm and just staying calm and working hard and keeping my work ethic strong. Of course, it's always a learning thing. I enjoy the journey rather than the destination, I think. So I was enjoying that part of my -- that phase of my life too, and I learned a lot. They changed a few things, but not any major things, just little things. Maybe if you won't be able to see it's that little of something. Yeah, I would just enjoying the tour.

Q. Before the World Cup and we spoke you were saying that even there are moments even now when you go up to bat that there is some amount of hesitation or some sense of field that you sometimes get. Is the conference now more going by the kind of match you played in the last two games? Is that the sense?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: Yeah, of course, when you play back-to-back good innings, you get that extra, you can say confidence or edge, when you go in the third inning. I feel it's a very normal thing. Whenever a batsman is going to start his innings, he always feels that thing. That's a very natural thing. I feel it all the time. It's a very normal thing.

Q. Same question. (No Microphone). Is it a factor that the ball would bounce (No Microphone)?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: Yeah, you can say that I've gotten used to the bounce finally (laughing). And, yeah, I always have lots of shots and I enjoy playing my shots, so whenever I get a chance, whenever I get loose deliveries I go for my shots. It's good to see it's going the way I want and I'm enjoying it, yeah.

Q. What kind of encouragement is (No microphone) giving you?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: Of course, his presence is very big on our side (No Microphone), he's always given me lots of confidence positively, especially when I needed it. So, yeah. You know, my team has (No Microphone) me really strongly and really central to my teammates and my support staff. Yeah, because of that today I'm scoring runs because of my teammates and my support staff has supported me, yeah.

Q. Given that you guys are the favorites for tomorrow's game. Is there a tendency to take the mental approach like to be less focused and take it lightly the game because you're playing a team like UAE?
SHIKHAR DHAWAN: No, not really. We play the game the way it has to be played, and, yeah, we're going to play with the same fighting spirit and going to keep the same intensity tomorrow.
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