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February 26, 2015

Carla Suarez Navarro


3‑6, 6‑0, 6‑3

Q.  What is about playing Petra that you seem to like because you beat her last week, you beat her today?  What is it?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:  Well, it's always difficult playing against Petra.  She start today really, really good.
Yeah, we played last week.  We both knew each other really good.  I need to always be focused on my game because she's a really difficult player.
But today I played really good today the second and the final set, so I am really happy with the way I play.

Q.  She started to come back in the third.  Did that make you a little nervous because she won, what, three straight games?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:  Yeah, yeah.  I was starting to be a little bit nervous when she make the 4‑3, but then my coach come into the court and he told me that I need to be relaxed, that I'm playing good, to take it easy every point, play every point, focus on every point, and then with my serve also playing with Petra.  And yeah, I play finally a good game.

Q.  Do you enjoy playing someone who comes to the net?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:  Well, Petra played good from the net today.  She was really, really fast all the time.  I cannot say, but sometimes I have no problem if people are going to the net.  And me also, if I can go to the net, I go into the net, yeah.

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