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February 26, 2015

Caroline Wozniacki


V. AZARENKA/C. Wozniacki
6‑3, 6‑1

An Interview With:


Q.テつ A very difficult match today.テつ Tell us what happened basically.テつ Vika was just better on the day or did you feel like you were a bit off form?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ It was a tricky day today.テつ Vika played really well.テつ She took her opportunities.
I mean, I think the score doesn't indicate.テつ I think it was a little closer than what the score says.テつ But end of the day, it doesn't matter.テつ She won the most important points and she took good advantage of the wind that was there.テつ I didn't feel like I grabbed my opportunities.テつ And then I did a few too many unforced errors with my backhand.

Q.テつ Just the incident towards the end of the first set, just from perspective, do you feel that changed the momentum of the match or anything like that?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI:テつ I don't know.テつ I mean, I just thought I should have the first serve, because I hit a serve which was challenged and the challenge didn't work.テつ And then I was waiting for at least four or five minutes, and that's why I think I deserved to have a first serve after all of that.テつ I didn't and I won the point in the end, but lost the game.

Q.テつ Just lastly, next week you're heading to Kuala Lumpur, so the plan is to just head there and get some good matches before U.S. tournaments?
CAROLINA WOZNIACKI:テつ Yeah, that's the plan.

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