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February 26, 2015

Stacy Lewis


Q.  The clubs only arrived on Wednesday morning, but you were pleased to have them on the front nine.  That was an amazing front nine.
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, you know, No. 1 was just a bonus, you know, holing out with a wedge shot there.  Just hit a lot of the good solid shots and made a few putts.  I don't know if I've ever shot 29 before, so it was cool.  Just to get on a run like that was pretty cool.

Q.  Super front nine.  A little hard to back it up on the back nine.  Such difficult holes coming in.
STACY LEWIS:¬† Yeah, there are tough holes that if you get on the wrong side of it ‑‑ I mean, we misjudged the wind on 13 and got on the wrong side of the hole, and then made a couple bad decisions there on 18.¬† You know, it happens on this golf course.
You get short‑sided, you're going to make a bogey.¬† Just try to minimize the damage.

Q.  Talk about the 18th hole.  No matter where it is, it's pretty scary.
STACY LEWIS:  Oh, it is.  I got out of position off the tee.  The last two years they moved the tee back and made it a little bit tougher.  Got out of position, but I gave myself chance at par and that was a the goal.  Didn't make double, so that was good.

Q.  It was a very good save for a superb opening round of 66.  Looking at your start so far in 2015, they have been very strong, just at 11th and 8th, and looking good here.
STACY LEWIS:¬† Yeah, you know, I was pleased coming out today with the ball‑striking.¬† That was something those first two events that wasn't quite there.¬† Pleased with the way I hit it.¬† Put a new driver in the back this week and was pretty pleased with that, too.
I'm excited about the rest of the week.

Q.  What's the new driver?
STACY LEWIS:  It's a new Mizuno, JPX 850, I think.

Q.  (No microphone.)
STACY LEWIS:¬† Well, I didn't hit some good shots to get to that point.¬† It's a green you would like to get to in two.¬† I had 99 yards and played about a 95‑yard shot and it landed right by the hole and spun back and went in.

Q.  Absolutely massacred the front nine.  It was a tale of two halves though.  Tell us the difference.
STACY LEWIS:¬† You know, the back nine I kind of got on the wrong side of the hole.¬† You know, whether it is on the green having some hard putts or missing the greens and being short‑sided where you're just trying not to make double, and that was the case a couple times there.¬† Just a couple bad decisions more than anything.
That what going into tomorrow I know I'm hitting the ball well.  It's just making a little bit better decisions.

Q.  Would it helped any having had your clubs arrived on time?
STACY LEWIS:  You know, I kind of think it might have been to my advantage.  You come out Tuesday and maybe you're sweating like crazy and taking some energy out.  If anything, I got to save some energy on Tuesday.
I knew my game was where I needed it to be, so I just came out and swung somebody else's clubs and just got loose.

Q.  Whose clubs did you swing?
STACY LEWIS:  They were just the Callaway rep's.

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