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February 26, 2015

Brittany Lang


MODERATOR:  You obviously have to be pretty happy with the round.  What was working for you today?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah, I played great.  I got off to a good start with a birdie on 10 and 11.  I've been playing good for a long time.  I've been playing good.  I've been trying to have more fun and just kind of take it a little bit easier and just enjoy myself.
I was locked in.  I was just really seeing my shots and committing to them.  Just felt effortless really.  It's kind of one of those days that's just so much fun because it's just effortless.

Q.  What's the difference between having fun and not having fun for you out there?
BRITTANY LANG:  I think when I get a little bit too serious I care too much, I'm trying to force it too much; whereas I'm trying to have a good attitude and just stay positive.  If you hit a bad shot or have a bad hole, it's like in the grand scheme of things not that big of a deal.
So I am trying to be really positive.  I've been playing good for quite a long time now, so I'm just going to keep rolling with it.  It's like you're going to have bad shots and bad swings and bad breaks.  I am just trying to be positive.  I don't like to talk about the bad.  I just like to go forward.

Q.  Being a Solheim year, does that give you any extra incentive to play well?
BRITTANY LANG:¬† You know, it does, yeah.¬† Again, that's of course one of those things I'm trying ‑‑ of course I want to play on the Solheim, but I am just going to keep doing what I have been doing:¬† seeing my shots, committing, having fun, being positive.¬† Because if I start thinking about Solheim it's going to get me away from what I'm doing.
Solheim is the most fun you ever have on the course.  It's one of the most important things to me, so it's hard not to think about it.  You got to have some mental strength to just stick to what you're doing.

Q.  How do you battle the heat, the conditions here, but then also what do you think about the course?
BRITTANY LANG:¬† I love this course.¬† It's in phenomenal shape, probably the best it's ever been in.¬† I like it because you got a lot of wedges, you can get to par‑5s, you can get make birdies, get into a nice rhythm, and it's fun.¬† You can get into some tricky spots on the greens, so you have to hit the ball well because you have to position yourself on the fairways and the green.¬† I've always liked this course.¬† It's in great shape.¬† It's fun.¬† You can make a lot of birdies.¬† Nice layout.
The heat, it's really hot, especially since I've been in Dallas as and it's been cold.  Currently snowing right now, so I just try and eat every few holes, drink tons of water, tons of electrolytes.  Just not get too high and low.  Stay even so you have enough energy to finish.

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