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February 22, 2015

James Hahn


Q.  We talked earlier this week about you hitting the driver at 10 and you said you were going to hit driver because chicks dig the long ball, and also they dig winners on the PGA TOUR.  How do you feel?
JAMES HAHN:  Amazing.  I birdied two playoff holes, against Paul Casey and Dustin Johnson two, great competitors.  I'm lucky to be here now.

Q.  10 was an all‑or‑nothing shot.
JAMES HAHN:  Just like the commercial, these guys are good.  I knew either Paul or Dustin was going to make birdie, so I figured I had to go for it.  It was a perfect opportunity and a perfect lie.
Q.  What's it mean to win here at Riviera?
JAMES HAHN:  Amazing.  Definitely one of my favorite stops.  Similar to Bay Hill.  This is a tournament that I cherish the most.

Q.  You knew your life was going to change with your baby coming in three weeks.  Now this adds to the change.  You're going to be an exempt player, going to the Masters.  Your golf life really changed because of this week.
JAMES HAHN:  Yeah, you know, my golf life changes, but more importantly, I'm going to have another addition to the family, and I'm just looking forward to it.  To me, obviously winning this tournament is the best thing that's ever happened to me.  But in about three weeks, I'm sure there's going to be another reason why I'm going to be even more happy and more grateful.

Q.  To get your first PGA TOUR win in that fashion, what's it like?
JAMES HAHN:  Amazing.  To go three playoff holes, I was telling my caddie, Mark, if I can last at least one playoff hole, I think I have a good chance.  Kind of get the nerves calmed down.  10 was a good birdie and this was a good birdie.  Luckily I had that same putt in regulation and knew which way it broke.  Pretty fortunate.

Q.  When you struck that putt on the third playoff hole, could you tell right off the stick it was going to drop?  What was that experience like watching it track to the hole?
JAMES HAHN:  It looks like it breaks left, but from what all of the members have been telling me, everything breaks towards No. 6.  So I missed it right in regulation, so I played it straight and it was going to break left early, and it was left edge for about five feet left, five feet to go, and I just kind of put it in God's hands and it luckily caught the left corner.

Q.  Now you have the invite to Augusta.  How exciting is that?
JAMES HAHN:  Amazing.  I wasn't even thinking about that.  First and foremost, I have a little girl coming in three weeks and I'm really excited for that more than anything.

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