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February 22, 2015

James Hahn


Q.  Now tied for the clubhouse lead.  How would you summarize Sunday?
JAMES HAHN:  Absolutely fun.  I mean, this is the most fun I've had on a golf course.  First time I've ever played with Furyk and Dustin Johnson and just a pleasure to play with those guys.  Dustin is a great guy, we had good conversations out there and it was fun all the way around.

Q.  Two guys that know a lot about winning and big stages.  Did you learn anything or take anything from playing with them today?
JAMES HAHN:  A little bit.  I kind of hung with the lines today.  Dustin played well today.  He started off a little slow and I started off pretty well.  And just to stay in contention all the way through the back nine, I made some key putts coming down the stretch.  Really happy about that.

Q.  On the 12th hole, the shot did not go where you wanted it to go.  Dustin Johnson inadvertently steps on your ball, you get a free drop and you made bogey.  Was that a lucky break for you or something that just it happens?
JAMES HAHN:  We get five minutes to look for the ball.  I was kind of walking up there, I didn't know if we could find it or not because no one saw it, and he had stepped on it and at first I was a little happy that he found it.  But it is what it is.  Ended up getting a pretty good lie.  Chipped it to the middle of green and 2‑putted for bogey.  Probably would have made worse if we had not found the ball.

Q.  We will not be seeing you for a month; your wife is pregnant and due in three weeks.  What would a win mean before a sabbatical and how excited are you about becoming a dad?
JAMES HAHN:  I'm more excited about being a dad than winning any golf tournament.  I feel like that's the most fun.  I was talking about it with Dustin Johnson today.  It's a different kind of happiness, and I'm really happy, after today, I'm going to fly back home and spend some time with my wife.  You know, pick up some money here, which is always nice and be able to buy a lot of diapers the next couple weeks.

Q.  Did Dustin give you any tips on being a new dad?
JAMES HAHN:  He said get some help, catch up on my sleep, get some help and just keep her happy, because, you know, they go through a lot and just having a newborn and being able to come out here in a couple weeks afterwards and not see my wife and my newborn daughter, I feel like I want to spend as much time as I can with them.

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