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February 20, 2015

Garbine Muguruza


K. PLISKOVA/G. Muguruza
6‑4, 5‑7, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Doesn't get any closer than that, does it?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA:  Well, yeah.  Was too close.  I think the key was her serve.  She served so good.  I couldn't break her serve.
So, I mean, I was trying, but two points.

Q.  What can you take away from a match like that, or is it too soon to say?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA:  I can say that I think I played bad today, but even playing bad I almost win the match, you know.
It's everything about be positive, be like mentally strong and believe that you can win, because doesn't matter if you're playing bad.  You just have to put the ball in, and the other one is also nervous.  I have the proof here.  I think Pliskova is playing ‑‑ I mean, she close her eyes and she hits it and it's a winner.  I was close.

Q.  Nevertheless, it's been a great week for you.
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA:  Yeah.  I mean, very good week.  I won incredible matches.  I mean, I'm now pissed because I lost this one, but I will play against her soon again.  So let's see.

Q.  What about the conditions out there?  It was very sandy, sand all over the courts.  It must have been very difficult for you for a match that lasted three hours.
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA:  Well, it was strange, because in the air was this brown ‑‑when I was touching my face, it was like sand, you know.
But, yeah, the court was a little bit slippery at the end, but the other one has the same problem so I cannot complain.

Q.  You talked about her serve.  But how was it for you mentally in your service games?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA:  I mean, obviously when you cannot break the other one's serve you feel a lot of pressure with your serve.  You're thinking I'm going to lose my serve, I'm going to lose my serve, because the other one is serving good.
But I think that my return is quite good.  It's one of my, I think, strengths when I play tennis.  It was very frustrating for me to cannot break the serve.

Q.  You mentioned that you know you're going to be playing her again.  You are two of the players who are really breaking through in this period.  Do you see yourself playing lots of matches with her, like big stages, seeing yourself in the top 10 with her?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA:  Yeah.  I wish I'm going to play against her soon.  Obviously is not going to be the same.  Is not going to be ‑‑ well, yes.  Is not going to be the first time we play.
I think for me the first time that I am in semifinals in ‑‑yeah, I think so.  So next time is not going to be the same.  I'm just ‑‑I'm happy now.

Q.  You still have a doubles semifinal later.
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA:  Yeah, but that's not a problem.  I mean, with Carla we are very focussed in the doubles and doesn't matter if I win or lose.  I want to win the doubles.
For me, I forget already this.  I did a great tournament and congrats to Pliskova.

Q.  What's the best thing about playing this tournament, about the organization, the location?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA:  Well, I think that the hotel is two minutes away from the court, and that's very comfortable for us.  You know, the center court is big.
I don't know.  It's beautiful, everything.  I don't know.  We feel good here.

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