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February 20, 2015

Erik Jones

Scott Lagasse, Jr.


THE MODERATOR:テつ We have been joined by our third‑place finisher, Scott Lagasse, Jr., and our second‑place finisher Erik Jones.
Scott, we'll start with you.テつ An exciting run for you tonight considering you're a local boy and Daytona would be your home track.テつ Talk a little bit about the run.
SCOTT LAGASSE, JR.:テつ This is home.テつ This is one that we're very proud of, but hurts a little more because we wanted to win.
Thought we would have a shot at it.テつ I knew we had a really good piece.テつ NTS built a great truck and brought it, have been a lot of fun to work with.テつ Got caught up in that wreck early, got the nose beat in, I had my hands full.テつ He was smart enough to recognize it and cut me some slack and be really cool.
Thought we had one there.テつ Had him backed up, had a run.テつ When I pulled out, the nose beat in, it kind of stalled out.
Definitely happy, though.テつ Some good coverage.テつ Hope that draws some attention towards it.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Erik, a strong run for your team.テつ Talk about your run tonight.
ERIK JONES:テつ It's unfortunate to finish second any day.テつ But it's a good run for us.テつ We just wanted to come in here and have a good day, solid day to start off the year.テつ Didn't want to get caught up in anything.テつ Accomplished that goal thoroughly.
Just excited to really get the season going.テつ We finally get to run full‑time, so that will be fun.
THE MODERATOR:テつ We'll take questions.

Q.テつ Erik, talk about the last lap and that move you made to finish second.
ERIK JONES:テつ Well, Scott and I were kind of dragging back, trying to see if we could make a run to the top there.
When the 29 and the 19 came off of four, the 29 never lagged back.テつ He just tried to pull out and make the pass on the 19.テつ When he did that, it just opened the door for Scott on the bottom.
I was dragged back a little bit more than he was, got the pull off of both of them.テつ Went to the top, saw the opening, ran up to second.テつ A typical Daytona thing, I guess.
That was my first experience with him.テつ Definitely cool to be able to bring it home second.

Q.テつ Late in the race, a lot of times we try to see everybody make a move.テつ Seemed like this time everybody was content to stay in place late.テつ Not enough trucks in the pack?テつ Why do you think everything stayed in line till so late?
SCOTT LAGASSE, JR.:テつ The top couldn't get anything going hardly.テつ I was up there a couple times.テつ To get up there, you had to be pretty aggressive and work it really, really hard.
For me, we were stuck.テつ I knew if I pulled out early, he wasn't going with me.テつ He would have been crazy to with our nose beat in.テつ We kind of knew.
Our cards were on the table pretty early on.テつ Erik is smart enough to know what I was doing when I started backing us up.テつ That was the only shot to take at those guys.
The 19, Tyler is a good friend, I'm happy for him to get the win, that's really cool.テつ He owes the 29 big because the 29, he did some door slamming to help him.
ERIK JONES:テつ Yeah, I mean, same thing.テつ The top line just never got rolling.テつ The only time it did, we about had a wreck once with the 19 on the top from side drafting people so hard.
The second time, the 33 was leading the top, it was really strong, early on especially.
I never got up there.テつ I never ran any laps consistently on the top.テつ Just never seemed like we could get anything going, and if we did, it was pretty aggressive.
SCOTT LAGASSE, JR.:テつ Definitely something you didn't want to do because you'd just make people mad by doing it.

Q.テつ Erik, how important was it to get the season started off on a good note?テつ What are your hopes for Atlanta?
ERIK JONES:テつ That was pretty important to us.テつ We talked about it for the last couple weeks.テつ When you start off Daytona and get wrecked or whatever, say you finish 30th, it really gives you a hole to dig out of for really the next four races, even if you run those well.
It's pretty important to finish well here, just get good momentum going for your season.テつ It's my first full‑time season.テつ Just taking a lot of advice from others really.テつ That was one of the big ones for me.
Thankful that Toyota has given us the opportunity to run full‑time.
Atlanta is going to be fun.テつ I think our mile‑and‑a‑half program is pretty strong.テつ It was really strong last year.テつ I think we can probably go out and hopefully contend for a win.

Q.テつ Scott, you're not done racing.テつ You got one tomorrow.テつ Does this help you at all, what happened tonight?
SCOTT LAGASSE, JR.:テつ They're pretty different.テつ I didn't draft the XFINITY car much today.テつ What little bit we did, they're quite a bit different.
Seat time always helps, in my opinion.テつ I definitely learned some things.テつ The qualifying probably didn't pan out exactly like everybody was expecting it to do.テつ It was a little bit more chaotic than anybody thought.テつ That will help.
It always helps, for sure.

Q.テつ Erik, it's only your second restrictor plate race at all.テつ What can you draw on from any of your other racing experience?
ERIK JONES:テつ Just lots of listening.テつ Lots of listening.テつ Really talked to Kyle a lot about it last year before Talladega.テつ Talked to him more about it here.テつ Read a lot of data that Toyota gives us.テつ Try to apply it all in real‑time.
I think everybody kind of knows the basics of drafting.テつ It's not extremely complicated.テつ It's just a matter of being able to process those during the race and being able to remember all the things you've gathered about it.
Actually, I don't mind plate racing.テつ I enjoy it.テつ I had fun tonight.テつ Would have had a lot more fun if we came home one position higher.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Congratulations to you both and we wish you luck for the rest of the season.

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