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February 20, 2015

Graham DeLaet


GRAHAM DeLAET:  I played well.  I really putted well.  For the first two days, really I haven't been striking it quite as well as I expect of myself.  But a hot putter will always keep you in there.  I just love this golf course.  It's one of my favorites every year, and it's exciting standing on the first tee and hitting the opening shot.
Hopefully I can keep it going for the next two days.  It was a lot of fun.  Justin Thomas is a hell of a player.  He's the future of golf.  He's your prototypical new young star:  Bombs it and does every part of the game well.  It was a pleasure playing with him today.

Q.  You picked out five courses that were not majors that were on your bucket list, and this was at the top.  Why is that?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  You can't fake it around this place.  It's a good, solid traditional golf course.  It's pure golf.  But the 10th hole, everybody talks about, it's a 300‑yard hole that's like a chess game against one hole.  Just to make a four there, you'd take every single day.
But the finishing hole is great and everything in between, there's just no let‑up on the golf course and you have to hit quality shots all the way around.

Q.  As you go into the weekend, 5‑under looks to be the best score, a couple guys are at that mark.  Your thoughts as you go into Saturday and Sunday where if you're four or five back, you've got a shot?
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Absolutely.  This is the kind of course, especially if you get out a little bit early, someone can shoot 3‑ or 4‑under and you can jump a lot of people.
I know it's going to be a tough weekend because the golf course is playing difficult but if I can just keep doing what I'm doing and try to hit a few more greens, give myself a few more looks‑‑ but I'm excited for the week.  Like I said this is one of my favorite courses on TOUR and I'm right where I want to be.

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