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February 19, 2015

William McGirt


Q.  The golf course got pretty firm this afternoon, you had a couple special birdies out there.  Talk about the 12th hole, that's just stealing a birdie and then another one at the par3, 6th.
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Well, 12, I actually almost stole two.  I hit 5‑iron there, landed probably 35 feet short of the hole.  Goes back, hits the pin dead center, rings around and stops six inches away.  I almost stole two but I'll definitely take one there every time.
6, that pin, it's actually pretty accessible.  We took enough club to where we could get it at least hole high and if it goes up the hill behind the green, comes right back.  I had the very same putt last year, so kind of walked up, knew the line and luckily it went in.

Q.  For early in the week, I saw some wedges taking some trampoline bounces right at impact.  Did you find the greens to be firm?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  Well, I had 136 hole on 8, and we were trying to hit a 120 shot.  I think I flew it 121 and had 25 feet coming back from behind the hole.  So, yeah, they are getting a little bit baked out.

Q.  Really good round in the afternoon and then you get those fresh greens in the morning?
WILLIAM McGIRT:  I hope it's not too foggy in the morning and the ball goes somewhere.  But good start and looking forward to tomorrow.

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