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September 20, 2002

Carin Koch

Mhairi McKay


Q. Thanks for coming in. You guys played great and it turned out to be a pretty important match, just like the one that the US team won this morning. Can you just kind of comment on your round today?

CARIN KOCH: I think we just really made some important things happen in the middle. I had a good stretch where I made some birdies, Mhairi would have made her putts, of course, if I didn't make mine, but we all played very solidly in the middle of the game, and I think all four of us were starting to get a little tired towards the end, and then we had to chip in on, what, 12? Which, you know, so we just did the right things at the right time, really.

Q. Mhairi, first match, first point?

MHAIRI McKAY: It was great to cheer everyone on this morning, and Carin played some superb golf out there, it was really a fun game, she encouraged me from start to finish, really enjoyed it.

Q. How much score board watching do you do as the anchor, and once you see Annika is in trouble, was it a lot of pressure?

CARIN KOCH: Not really. I mean, we just had to worry about our game. Of course, we would have liked to seen a little more blue on that score board this afternoon, and the way Annika played this morning, I didn't think there was really anyone that could beat her, even if there were two of them, but, you know, match play is match play, and you never quite know what's going to happen, and like I said, everyone that was out this morning was a little tired towards the end, and, you know, I think -- I just think our team will be in good spirits. We are even in the match and we are looking forward to a good day tomorrow.

Q. Was there something special that happened to turn the game around?

CARIN KOCH: You can answer this one.

MHAIRI McKAY: Well, I think we just kind of hung in there the front 9, Carin going on a great bird stretch on the back 9 and made some -- well, you birdied 9, 10, 12, 13, she just had some great shots, and we just kind of got on a roll and snuck ahead of -- who did we play well? Juli and Kelli Kuehne? Brain freeze.

Q. Carin, you are the only one who went 2 for 2 on the European Team today, which probably means you will get to play most games tomorrow, and you are mentioning that you are tired at the end of the day today. Are you worried about running out of gas for Sunday?

CARIN KOCH: No, it's Friday, so I can't worry about that right now.

Q. What are you going to do tonight?

CARIN KOCH: Sleep. Soon.

Q. Would you like to be paired up with Annika again tomorrow since you guys played well this morning together?

CARIN KOCH: Yeah, I think we had a really good team going, we really complemented each other well in the foursomes this morning, and I haven't heard yet what Dale has decided for tomorrow, but I would think there would be a good chance that we are playing again.

And I know everyone wants to play, and Dale wants as many as possible to play, you know, before Sunday, so, you know, we will just see tomorrow afternoon. If I feel tired after the first game tomorrow, I will make sure and, you know, tell Dale that so she knows.

Q. Carin, obviously, so far, your career at the Solheim Cup has really agreed with you. Any theories on why it seems to bring out your best?

CARIN KOCH: Pigtails. I have always really liked match play, it brings out the best in my game, I think. You know, I don't have to post a score at the end of the day, I feel like I can swing a little freer than maybe I do in stroke play and, you know, this afternoon, a lot of times we already had the par in the cup, so you can go for the bird putts, and if you are stroking it well, it's nice to know that you can really get into the hole and hit it on a pretty aggressive line.

So I like this type of play I also like the team part of it. You know, we don't get to be on a team very much, and it's great fun, like Mhairi and I this afternoon, we just never let each other get down, we were always positive, and it's very nice to have someone to talk -- you are always talking to yourself so much, and it's nice to actually have someone to talk to.

Q. How different is the atmosphere playing over here than it was in Europe two years ago, and do you think that will have any impact as the weekend goes on?

CARIN KOCH: It's a very big difference. Obviously, most of the crowds were not shouting USA two years ago, but I think the crowds so far have been good, I think the people that are here from Europe are doing their best and being as loud as they can, and, you know, I think the Americans are being a very good crowd, they are clapping for both teams, and claps are a little louder, you know, of course, sometimes, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be, actually.

Q. Do you guys feel at all like there was an opportunity lost being up 3-1 after the morning, and then having them come back and even it after the first day?

MHAIRI McKAY: I think we certainly expected the Americans -- they are not going to lie down at all, and just expected them to have a strong showing this afternoon, and you know, you can shoot a lot of birdies and both sides can play well, and it just depends on your luck. And the Americans came -- they are not going to lie down to us when we get ahead in the morning, or whatever. I think it was to be expected.

Q. Carin, Annika, this morning, you said was she beyond her normal great self this morning, or just playing normal, you said "The way she was playing this morning," you didn't expect to see her lose. Did she --

CARIN KOCH: Well, looking at her game the last two weeks, I would guess it's probably her normal right now, you know, she -- I played with her in practice rounds, too, and she is just hitting it so good, striking it so good, and everything is pretty much on the flag, so she didn't make it too hard for me.

I had a lot of good putts to hit, and she is just -- like I said, she is swinging it really good, so her normal is pretty good right now.

MODERATOR: Anything else? Congrats, ladies. Thanks.

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